Florence: how to move into the city chaos!

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Traffic in FlorenceSometimes the movement into the city traffic can be an adventure, mainly for who doesn’t know the area.

Have you arrived in Pisa with the airplane and don’t you know how to reach the city of Florence?Are you into the Milan’s station and don’t you have an idea of how to reach your hotel?Would you like to rent a bike or a car, but don’t yuo know from where to leave and how you have to spend?

Finally, we collected some useful hints to learn how to move into the big cities’ caos. Often, the information is limited and/or confused, the solutions to arrive in a sight can be varied, and the same citizens sometimes don’t know all the easier and faster ways to reach a place.

We have always addresses to foreign people, since the birth of our first web site (About Florence), we have always tried to pay great attention to this theme. During the time, the single page dedicated to transports in Florence has turned into a real section, made of information, advices and useful addresses to move without troubles.

Means of transport in Florence and abroadSo, we have collected all the necessary to move into the city, from the beginning to the end of everyones “pause” into the city. In a few pages you can find all the useful information on:

  • transfer sevices (pubblic or private buses);
  • buses, trama and underground trains (from the ticket’s price to the distances covered);
  • car rental, or, better than this, bike rental;
  • taxi services and their prices;
  • services for touristic excursions, or on how to reach some sights outside the city.

Today, each of our sites put on the net has an updated section dedicated to transports in Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, Turin, to the useful advices on how to reach and move in other areas, such as the Mugello valley.

And, for who wants to walk? No problem, visit one of our sites and discover the section on the itineraries we suggest.

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    Really great site with alot of good information!! Keep up the good work!!!!

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    I glad too see this interest site, I tell my friends about it! They like sites like that.