Discover the city of Water… under Rome!

Posted By: niccolo on June, 15 2007 in Da vedere, Itineraries, Rome

Discover the city of Water… under Rome!A new incredible suggestion, read and discover it. The Vicus Caprarius, called also “La Città dell’Acqua” (The city of Water), is an archaeological area in the quarter of Trevi, a few metres from the most popular fountain in the world: the Trevi Fountain. 8 metres underground, in a suggestive atmosphere, are visible different levels of an ancient district on the Caprarius Road (Vicus Caprarius).

In the enchanting ruins it’s possible to see water cistern, labirinth, staircases, passages, domus from IV century a.D. and many archeological find like amphora, coins, votive statues. In the Vicus Caprarius the same water of Trevi Fountain gushes out…

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    Thanks fo or the post. I will try to visit there next time.