Discover art cities… with a pda!

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Arianna, la guida multimediale a Firenze!There’s a new wa to discover art cities, Arianna. Although the traditional guide books are still captivating, they have to compete with the new multimedia guides on pda.

Imagine while you are visiting Florence, a local takes you around the city. Imagine that Arianna is a born and bred Florentine, pointing out monuments in the heart of the city and showing you the most interesting routes to take to get around while telling you the anecdotes, interesting facts and legends on Florence, passed on from person to person throughout the centuries.

Arianna was created by Econoetica srl in 2006: it is a small pocket pc with audio and video contents, pictures, historic gossip and thematic itineraries for everyone.

Florence has been the first city in Italy to have it. You may find it in some strategic points, where you can rent it and start your guided visit to Florence. Arianna’s voice (italian, english or french) will tell you the history of what is nearby you, You don’t have to worry about where you are, because the GPS knows it. The pda offers an interactive map of Florence, with different zoom levels where you can display anything: shops, restaurants, bars, museums will be displayed as colourful icons on the map and clicking on it you will have all the information. You may also consult the events agenda: Arianna will tell you what’s on in Florence like concerts, exhibits, markets and much more.

From the main menu you may access almost everything in three clicks, but if you need there is also a google-like search engine to find what you’re looking for. Even if you’re lazy and don’t want to trouble too much, Arianna has many different itineraries through the city, showing monuments, shops and restaurants.

Soon Arianna will be available for Naples and Ischia, calling herself Serena. Thanks to these new multimedia guides, the tourist will have a chance to create his own personal guide and to customize it according to his tastes and interests. It will be much easier to discover the real taste of a city like Florence or Naples.

Are you not really convinced? Don’t you believe on it? Then, we can only suggest you to try the online demo!

Arianna, la guida multimediale a Firenze!

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