“NOTTE BIANCA” in Rome and around Europe.

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Events in Rome: Notte BiancaOn Saturday 8 September takes place the fifth edition of the Notte Bianca the event that capital can never lose.

From 2003 on, there has been four editions of this huge collective event that every year has welcomed thousands of people. Rome citizens, italian and international turists and people from all aronud the world shared with curiosity and emotions this uniqe experience and that good development brings it success.

The Notte Bianca is a cultural event, open to all with no admission charge, held each year between the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn and lasting one whole night.

One feature of the Notte Bianca is to promote contemporary creativeness in all its forms and to be present in public areas in such location that generally are closed: from suburban areas to prestigius locations like museums, monuments, theatres and churches too.

On the other side a target of the “NOTTE BIANCA” is to promote “low-polluting” forms of mobility: bicycles, trams and pubic transport in general, river boats.

An extraordinary occasion for everybody: those who lives in Rome can breathes the special amtosphere on the streets of his city, try the emotions that you will feel the following night, wandering around the open performaces of the stars of the Notte Bianca; turists will have the opportunity to visit the capital in the time of a big festa, magic evening during which it will be possible to discover signs of the history while walking on the streets of Rome and visiting open museums.

Is a special event that takes place every year.

In 2006, five capital cities (Paris, Rome, Riga, Brussels and Madrid) have enjoyed an exchange of artists, each welcoming an artist or theatrical company coming from one of the capitals belonging to the European Notti Bianche network.

In 2007, six capital cities (Paris, Rome, Riga, Brussels, Madrid and Bucharest) decided to formulate a shared artistic project consisting in the creation of a “lounge” area in the heart of each Notte Bianca.

The “NOTTE BIANCA” is a special and unique event that nobody can miss.

Visit the official site: www.lanottebianca.it

Come to see on www.aboutrome.com the special section on the “Notte Bianca” and discover all the performances, concerts and routes that you can undertake!!!!

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