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The Florentine storic processionLike every year on 10th August, in quarter San Lorenzo in Florence, took place the celebration in honor of Saint Lawrence and the Church of which he is also a patron.

The procession, that here we show with some pictures, paraded on the streets in the city center to the Basilica of San Lorenzo (Saint Lawrence), the most antique in the city.

Loved through the centuries, by Lords and poor people, the Church was consecrated in 393 from Saint Ambrose.
The Church became famous thanks to Medici family who created there their own mausoleum ( Cappelle Medicee, in reality are the part of the monumental complex of San Lorenzo).

The festivity in the honor of the Saint, prince of martyr, has antique traditions: on 10th August, apart from costume procession (which takes place also nowadays on the day of San Lorenzo), there was also horse Palio, from Porta San Gallo to Borgo San Lorenzo and during the celebration Mass memorabilia of the Saint were exposed.

Religious tradition were always joined by the laic and popular celebrations, also today it takes place by free distribuition of lasagna and watermelon offered by the Associazione del Mercato “Caleidocentro”.
Saint Lawrence Church in Florence, the 10th of AugustLasagna was produced also in the past by the Florence bakers associated in the “Compagnia di San Lorenzo dei Fornai” just for the occasion of 10th August. The same company offered also the watermelon in the evenings.

Every year on 10th August it is also possible to visit for free with guided tours in different languages, the museum of the Cappelle Medicee.

At 9pm in the Sagrato della Basilica takes place the concert and at 10pm there is food!

To get more Information:
Basilica di S.Lorenzo tel. 055.2616051/6
Assessorato alla Valorizzazione Tradizioni Fiorentine tel. 055.2768030

The procession in the streets of the storical city centreFolkloristic procession during Saint Lawrence day in FlorenceSaint Lawrence festivity in Florence

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    The Church of St Lawrence is definitely not to be missed on a tour of Italy. The Old Sacristy is a tribute to the combined talent of Brunelleschi and Donatello. The square chapel with a hemispherical dome, a precursor to the Duomo, contains the sarcophagus of Giovanni di Bicci and his wife, while the porphyry monument at the entrance to the South chapel, the work of Verrochio, is a memorial to Giovanni and Piero de Medici.