Italian language lessons in Second Life are coming for the Festival of Creativity

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Italian Campus Classe: free italian lessons in Second Life

Experience a real Italian language class from your home. It is not a new e-learn software or a DVD language course, neither an Audio Couse nor a home tuition!

Visita l'isola della Toscana su Second Life What is it then? Log in Second Life, come to our Italian Campus Classes and enter one of the first experiment of Italian language courses held by Scuola Leonardo. The Italian language lessons will be hosted at the “Second Life Festival” by the Official Island of Tuscany during the “Festival della Creatività” (Creativity Festival) organized from 25th to 28th October.

This is a testing organised by Sigmasei in collaboration with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, the leading italian language school in Italy, which counts more than 30 years of experience and is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

SIGMA SEI S.a.s. is a society specialized in the field of consulting and it has introduced its own project concerning the development of a virtual Italian language learning Campus on Second Life which is addressed to foreign students.

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci experience and desire of innovation bring to this new test to give everybody the chance to learn Italian directly from your home thanks to innovative platforms like the 3D world of Second Life.

Visita i monumenti di Firenze e della Toscana su Second Life We invite all the interested people to come visit us, to have an Italian language lesson or just a visit of the Tuscany island, where you can see the famous Tower of Pisa, enter the Duomo of Florence, or just have a look at the famous “Scoppio del Carro”. All around, you will find Italian people or teachers available to speak with you.

Are you ready? If you want to partecipate, just log in to Second Life and subscribe to our SL group (called “I love italian language“) and come to one of our language courses starting every day from 12.00 till 13.30.

We are waiting for you!

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    I hope oneday study italian language .

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    I think Italy is very beautiful !