About Venice: your tourist guide in Venice, Italy

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Now aboutvenice.org is online, another site of About Italy network, that from many years dedicates to the publication of no commercial sites and portals of touristic guides.

veniceAboutvenice.org is a site completely dedicated to the “Serenissima”, that gives you a full idea of what is the city of Venice, one of the most beautiful cities of Italy.

Venice is one of the most fascinate city of the world, build on the water, with all its islands, it is unique in its gender; the most means of transpoting is the gondola.

It is the romantic city par excellente, an important turistic destination.

On the site you can indeed find information on how to reach the city, what to see, events month by month, where to sleep, to know the stories of famous people who have done great the name of Venice, but also where to look to hire a bicycle or where to find a laundry! ! ! !

On aboutvenice.org so than many useful information you can find stories, facts and curiosities many will not find the traditional tourist guides such as the early history of glass (artcraft), many secrets about Murano glass where past and present blend in Made in Venice; the fascinating art of creating the masks one of the most famous carnivals in the world, with small shops Mascherani laboratories hidden in the lagoon islands.

Aboutvenice.org besides being a guide full of useful information on the city of Venice, where you can find everything and more like the calendar of all appointments of great interest nationally and internationally as the Venice Carnival, or the Biennale the Film Festival in Venice.

Venice, the city of love, and its lagoon with a thousand colors awaits you online. So before you leave, do a jump on virtual aboutvenice.org! ! !

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    Venice is one of the masterpieces of the world, understandably a UNESCO Heritage site in Italy.