Month: November 2007

“Tuscany Feast” 2007.

On the 30 of November Florence celebrates the abolition of death penalty.Tuscany Feast 2007

With the “Tuscany Feast” is celebrated a day that has marked the history of this region and even of the whole country: the day of the Riforma Penale Promulgata, promulgated the 30 November of 1786 by Pietro Leopoldo of Lorena, Grand duke of Tuscany from 1765 to 1790.

The reform Leopoldina, with whom the grand duke established the demolition of the hanging wherever it might be, represents an act of great civilty, that makes the whole region worth honour and it’s an important step in the history of civil rights.

In occasion of the first “Tuscany Feast”, on the 30 November 2000, quite to confirm the “no” to death penalty and the refusal of entire centuries of inhuman acts, in Piazza della Signoria took place the fire of the gallows and of all the ancient torture instruments.

Moreover, the city of Florence wanted to put in the Customs court in Palazzo Vecchio, a commemorative marble plate with a reproduction of a text written soon after the promulgation of the act against death penalty.

FLORENCE NOEL 2007: Santa Claus comes to Florence!!!

Do you know that Santa Claus has a small house in Florence with a place where you can throw the letters written for him?
No, it’s not a joke… IT’S FLORENCE NOEL 2007!

Santa Claus in Florence

This year again the Station Leopolda, from the 24th of November to the 2nd of Dicember, will be changed in a Christmas microspace, housing a new ediction of Florence Noël.

Florence Noël, organised by Country Florence is a market exhibition all dedicated to Christmas.

To the exhibition participate every year many selectioned expositors, in a fairy- tale scenary which perfectly recalls Christmas atmosphere.


“Torino Film Festival” returns from the 23rd of November to the 1st of Dicember

“Torino Film Festival”, at its 25° ediction, is now a traditional appointment for all lovers of contemporary cinema.Torino Film Festival

The Festival is dedicated, in each ediction, to the search of new talents for the cinema, giving them the possibility of emerging without paying attention to the contents of their creations or the country which they come from.

So the cinema is opened for all film-makers and video-makers, with special attention to young people from Piemonte to whom the festival dedicates the Space Torino.

In every ediction of the Torino Film Festival, many competitions take place, but this year the Festival includes two new events, “La Zona” and “Lo stato delle cose”.

“Zona” consists in analysing all the real experiments of contemporary cinema, working in particular on the “fuori formato”, that are the productions which are too short for being broadcasted at cinema or in television.


The Divina Commedia becomes a theatral work

On the 23rd of November, for the first time in wordly presentation, will be performed in Rome “La Divina Commedia. L’ Opera”, a musical inspired to the best Italian literary work.La Divina Commedia Dante Alighieri

Ideator of the project and adaptator of Dante’s masterpiece texts for the musical is Monsignor Marco Frisina, director of the Cappella Musicale Lateranense and also author of the musics, which go from the Gregorian song to rock.

The musical is divided in two acts: in the first the public will assist to the Prologue and the representation of the Hell, in the second, Purgatory and Heaven.

The Divina Commedia will start from Rome and then continue with a long tour in many Italian cities and also in some of the most important European capitals.

The show will take place in a mobile theatre created exclusively for the event, in the area “Giovanni Paolo II”, in the Tor Vergata university campus in Rome.


In Venice the 52nd International Biennale of Contemporary Art

Is taking place until the 21st of November the 52nd International Biennale od Contemporary Art of Venice.

The Venice Biennale of Art770791.gif is an exposition dedicated to showing works of contemporary art, both Italian and international, some of which created by the artists exclusively for their participation to the event.

This year the exposition is entitled “Pensa con i sensi, Senti con la mente” and it will have many locations distributed among the Corderie, Artiglierie dell’Arsenale and the Padiglione Italia on Giardini.

The artistic director of this 52nd edition of the exibition wants to reproduce the traditional formula on which the event is based: internationality.
In fact, the foreign countries that participate to the Biannual every year are numerous (about 76), providing visitors the possibility of seeing the best creations of the worldly artistic scenary.

Besides the exibition, 34 collateral events such as conventions, meetings, laboratories and artistical projects have been instituted, and they will take place in the historical centre of the city, giving the possibility to all the visitors, expert ones or simply curious ones, of coming into contact with realities and creations from every side of the world.More…