In Venice the 52nd International Biennale of Contemporary Art

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Is taking place until the 21st of November the 52nd International Biennale od Contemporary Art of Venice.

The Venice Biennale of Art770791.gif is an exposition dedicated to showing works of contemporary art, both Italian and international, some of which created by the artists exclusively for their participation to the event.

This year the exposition is entitled “Pensa con i sensi, Senti con la mente” and it will have many locations distributed among the Corderie, Artiglierie dell’Arsenale and the Padiglione Italia on Giardini.

The artistic director of this 52nd edition of the exibition wants to reproduce the traditional formula on which the event is based: internationality.
In fact, the foreign countries that participate to the Biannual every year are numerous (about 76), providing visitors the possibility of seeing the best creations of the worldly artistic scenary.

Besides the exibition, 34 collateral events such as conventions, meetings, laboratories and artistical projects have been instituted, and they will take place in the historical centre of the city, giving the possibility to all the visitors, expert ones or simply curious ones, of coming into contact with realities and creations from every side of the world.More…

In addition, like every year, The Biennale will give special tributes to the best artists: “Leone d’oro” to an artist of the principal international exibition, “Leone d’oro” to an under 40 artist of the principal international exibition or of one of the national participations, “Leone d’oro” to the best national participation, “Leone d’oro” to a craftsman or an art historian for his contribution to contemporary art.

The exibition gives merit to the art just because it is art, without paying attention to who is producing it or where it comes from. The worldly art without boundaries is emphasised in all of its components by famous artists dedicating themselves to new styles and languages.

So the Venice International Biennale of Art has an important prestige, which made it the biggest “museum” of international contemporary art.

The exibition is waiting for you until the 21st of November……for further information about the city

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