“Torino Film Festival” returns from the 23rd of November to the 1st of Dicember

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“Torino Film Festival”, at its 25° ediction, is now a traditional appointment for all lovers of contemporary cinema.Torino Film Festival

The Festival is dedicated, in each ediction, to the search of new talents for the cinema, giving them the possibility of emerging without paying attention to the contents of their creations or the country which they come from.

So the cinema is opened for all film-makers and video-makers, with special attention to young people from Piemonte to whom the festival dedicates the Space Torino.

In every ediction of the Torino Film Festival, many competitions take place, but this year the Festival includes two new events, “La Zona” and “Lo stato delle cose”.

“Zona” consists in analysing all the real experiments of contemporary cinema, working in particular on the “fuori formato”, that are the productions which are too short for being broadcasted at cinema or in television.

“Lo stato delle cose”, meanwhile, concentrates on the individuation of new productions from the Italian cinema, analysing its components and paying attention on the emerging actors, who represent the vital centre of the Italian cinema.

“The future of the cinema is in everything which exists but is still unknown”, this seems to be the motto of “Torino Film Festival”.

Nevertheless the characteristic which makes Torino Film Festival really special is the “Retrospettiva”, an excursus in the most beautiful creations of international cinema. For the 2007 ediction are planned the complete retrospects of two important characters of independent cinema: John Cassavetes and Wim Wenders.

The XXV ediction of “Torino Film Festival”, this year with a special patron, Nanni Moretti, will wait for you from the 23rd of November to the 1st of Dicember in a beautiful Torino.

For information about the city, the events and all that can offer you visit our site www.aboutturin.com

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