“Tuscany Feast” 2007.

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On the 30 of November Florence celebrates the abolition of death penalty.Tuscany Feast 2007

With the “Tuscany Feast” is celebrated a day that has marked the history of this region and even of the whole country: the day of the Riforma Penale Promulgata, promulgated the 30 November of 1786 by Pietro Leopoldo of Lorena, Grand duke of Tuscany from 1765 to 1790.

The reform Leopoldina, with whom the grand duke established the demolition of the hanging wherever it might be, represents an act of great civilty, that makes the whole region worth honour and it’s an important step in the history of civil rights.

In occasion of the first “Tuscany Feast”, on the 30 November 2000, quite to confirm the “no” to death penalty and the refusal of entire centuries of inhuman acts, in Piazza della Signoria took place the fire of the gallows and of all the ancient torture instruments.

Moreover, the city of Florence wanted to put in the Customs court in Palazzo Vecchio, a commemorative marble plate with a reproduction of a text written soon after the promulgation of the act against death penalty.

In reality, in that period, the citizens wanted to put the plate exactly in the place where had been the executions, but modern institutions have decided that it was worth an honourable collocation.

So Tuscany was the first State to abolish death penalty and the great feast in commemoration of the 30 of November represents every year an event loved very much by people and institutions.

For this reason the 30 of November will be a celebrative day not only in Florence but in every town of the region, which has prepared for the occasion a full calendar of events, exhibitions and manifestations.

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