Month: December 2007

Canova and La Venere Vincitrice in Rome

The Galleria Borghese in Rome will house until the 3rd of February an exhibition completely dedicated to Antonio Canova and his masterpiece, the “Venere Vincitrice“.

The exhibition is included in the series of “10 Great Exhibitions” started in May 2006 with an exposition dedicated to Raphael.

Canova in Rome: Galleria Borghese

The one dedicated to Canova is the second of the

and it has been instituted to celebrate his great art in occasion of the 250° anniversary of his birth and the 200 years of Canova’s masterpiece, the absolute star of the exhibition: Paolina Bonaparte as Venere Vincitrice.

La Venere Vincitrice, work of whom the Galleria Borghese is most proud, is a marble sculpture commissioned to Canova by the Borghese family, with whom the artist had a long relationship, and it’s not a simple sculptured portrait but it’s a fine, elegant, careful celebration of the beautiful and the victory, it’s a Paolina Bonaparte represented as a goddess.

“Carving the work” 2007

Until the 28th of March 2008 the airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa will house a new ediction of “Carving the work”.

festival-puccini.gif“Carving the work” it’s an event of great importance both artistic and cultural. Born in 2001 from the collaboration with the Festival Pucciniano of Torre del Lago, the purpose of this manifestation is to spread the international contemporary art through Giacomo Puccini‘s music.

Every year, in fact, in the huge space of the airport, beautiful sceneries are made up inspired by Puccini’s compositions which serve as background to his music.

These sceneries are realized by great artists of the international scene


Rediscovering Venice and its treasures

“Venice to rediscover. Hidden treasures in the churches of Venice”:It’s an important event promoted to develop cultural turism by opening the doors of all the artistic treasures of the city.

With this initiative tourists and citizens of Venice are given the possibility of discover and rediscover the artistic works and treasures of the churches and of the places which normally are not opened to the public for security reasons.

Tourists that visit the city every day are numerous and they come from all over the world to admire the artistic splendour of the Serenissima, but never before Venice has opened the doors to all its visitors in this way.

With “Venice to rediscover” even the unskilled can appreciate beautiful sculptures, paintings and private treasures accurately preserved and they will come into contact with the huge artistic and cultural patrimony of the city.

Among the churches opened to the public and the artistic works they preserve you will have the possibility of visiting St. Paul’s Church ( here is kept the Via Crucis by Giandomenico Tiepolo), the Temple of the Saint Redemptor (the Orti dei Cappuccini) and the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (with the Pala Pesaro and the Assunta by Tiziano Vecellio).

Until the 31st of Dicember, everyone who can be interested will have free access to the most beautiful churches of Venice, across an artistic itinerary unique in its kind.


Milan between ritual and Oh Bej Oh Bej

Every year, on the 7th of Dicember the city of Milan celebrates the day dedicated to St. Ambrogio, saint and patron of the city.

This day represents an event very significant for all the citizens, who are involved in celebrations both religious and popular.

Festa di Sant'Ambrogio, MilanoThe 7th of Dicember, in fact, people goes to the special mess in honour of the saint, celebrated by the Archbishop of Milan in the Basilica dedicated to the city’s Patron. The Ambrosian Ritual originates even before the Saint, and has a duration and some characteristics different from the Roman Ritual.

But what makes this celebration a special event and recalls every year not only the Milaneses, is the fair of the “Oh Bej, Oh Bej”.