Milan between ritual and Oh Bej Oh Bej

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Every year, on the 7th of Dicember the city of Milan celebrates the day dedicated to St. Ambrogio, saint and patron of the city.

This day represents an event very significant for all the citizens, who are involved in celebrations both religious and popular.

Festa di Sant'Ambrogio, MilanoThe 7th of Dicember, in fact, people goes to the special mess in honour of the saint, celebrated by the Archbishop of Milan in the Basilica dedicated to the city’s Patron. The Ambrosian Ritual originates even before the Saint, and has a duration and some characteristics different from the Roman Ritual.

But what makes this celebration a special event and recalls every year not only the Milaneses, is the fair of the “Oh Bej, Oh Bej”.
This fair has ancient origins that rifer to the 1288, and every year crowdes the streets around the Basilica of St. Ambrogio, even if this year it has been transferred in the streets around the Castle Sforzesco.

The fair of the “Oh Bej Oh Bej” is really spectacular. It is characterized by a multitude of stalls, full of colours, scents and trifles, where you can find everything!
The fair generally has a duration of 3 days, and this year apart from the new location, includes, among the 400 stalls, another novelty: the workmen, 5 leather and crystal artisans who create “live” their products.

The feast of St. Ambrogio is an event to whom the Milaneses are very attached and are numerous the curious turists who visit Milan in this occasion.

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