Canova and La Venere Vincitrice in Rome

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The Galleria Borghese in Rome will house until the 3rd of February an exhibition completely dedicated to Antonio Canova and his masterpiece, the “Venere Vincitrice“.

The exhibition is included in the series of “10 Great Exhibitions” started in May 2006 with an exposition dedicated to Raphael.

Canova in Rome: Galleria Borghese

The one dedicated to Canova is the second of the

and it has been instituted to celebrate his great art in occasion of the 250° anniversary of his birth and the 200 years of Canova’s masterpiece, the absolute star of the exhibition: Paolina Bonaparte as Venere Vincitrice.

La Venere Vincitrice, work of whom the Galleria Borghese is most proud, is a marble sculpture commissioned to Canova by the Borghese family, with whom the artist had a long relationship, and it’s not a simple sculptured portrait but it’s a fine, elegant, careful celebration of the beautiful and the victory, it’s a Paolina Bonaparte represented as a goddess.

The Gallery will house about 50 exhibitions coming from the museums of all over the world, and with this exposition is represented Canova’s whole career and his creative process, paying attention in particular to the continuous elaboration of the Venus theme.

This exhibition wants to give to critics, art historians and simple fans the possibility to understand more deeply the greatest geniuses of the art of ’500 and ’600 adding to the works of the Gallery sculptures and paintings coming from the best museums in the world.

The Galleria Borghese, indeed, houses artistic works too delicate to be moved or transferred and for this reason collective exhibitions in all the great museums of the world have suffered the lack of this works.

So to avoid this problem the Galleria Borghese has decided to promote this exhibition dedicated each time to a different artist, and during this period other works from all over the world will reach those kept in the Gallery.

Antonio Canova and La Venere Vincitrice” are exposed at the Galleria Borghese in Rome until the 3rd of February.

If you are interested in the exhibition and want more information about the history, the artists, the monuments and the museums of Rome visit our site

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