Month: February 2008

Art in U.S.A…. but Made in Italy!

After a sort of cultural closing in the relationship between Italy and United States of America, we can look at a new collaboration and cultural comparison between these two countries, now.

vaso-eufronio.jpgThis new chapter of the current cultural History started with the return in Italy of one of the most important Italian artistic production’s masterpieces: the Vase of Eufronio, an artwork (dating back to the 5th century a.C.) found in 1973 in an ancient tomb in Certeveri. The Vase, which finally comes back home, is currently exposed at the Quirinale, and is only the first of 40 masterpieces, stealed from Italy in the previous years by the several clandestine commercial transactions.These works were exposed since a long time to the Getty Museum.

But this episode represents only the beginning of a new relationship between Italy and USA. Infact, very soon, some prestigious masterpieces by Gian Lorenzo Bernini – one of the most important Italian artists in ’600 – will travel across the Ocean to be exposed for the first time in United States.

By the deal between the Italian cultural Minister and the Getty Museum of Los Angeles, a unique expo will start, dedicated to the italian painter and entitled “Bernini and the born of the Baroque painting portraiture”.