Month: March 2008

Let’s Run! StraMilano starts again

StraMilanoOn next 6th April the most expected sport event by the runners of our country comes back: ‘Stramilano 2008‘.

‘StraMilano’ is the most famous extracity in Italy, an event which, from 1972, gives as a gift to the city of Milan an entirely day dedicated to sport, to health, to solidarity, and to entertainment.

This year StraMilano is scheduled on 6th April, and once again, it will include professional and amateurs athletes who come from all over the world. StraMilano is dedicated to everyone, with no age, sex or “speed” discrimination.

Infact, the marathon, for its participants, divides itself into three! Right, because during the day of 6th April there will be three different itineraries which will go through the city: ‘StraMilano of 50,000′, ‘StraMilano Agonistica Internazionale’ (International Agonistic Stramilano) and ‘Stramilanina’ (The little StraMilano).

StraMilano of 50,000‘ is the no-competion run which took place along


Easter time: the “Brindellone” tradition in Florence

The Burst of the Cart is an ancient celebration which dates back to the first crusade, and which Florence inhabitants love.

The Burst of the CartThis manifestation takes place every year in Piazza Duomo (Dome Square), where there is the “Brindellone”, that is the wonderful three-floor cart which is the celebration’s protagonist.


At this point, a rocket formed as a dove, Easter peace’s symbol, comes down hanging on a thread which goes from the main choir of the Dome to the cart, and if the celebration is successfull, it burns and emits a wonderful play of lights, colours, smoke and outbreaks.

The story of the Burst of the Cart is rich of religious and historic details, a beautiful story, rich of turns of events, and it’s a really important chapter in Florence and its inhabitants history.

The tradition tells that, in the end of the first crusade, which ended with


Discovering Milan and its Navigli

navigli-leonardo-milano2.jpg“Milano dell’acqua” (“Milan & Waters”) is the name of a particular and suggestive event which takes place in these days in Milan and is born to value and appreciate the landscape and the history around the city of Milan, sometimes unknown by its own inhabitants.

The event has started on 14th February and is divided into a list of appointments which will give foreigners and people from Milan the opportunity to discover the territorial waters of the city through an unusual and suggestive itinerary, from the city Aquarium, to the Navigli and covered water channels of the city.

There will be 20 appointments which will lead all the participants in the historic, artistic and cultural reconstruction of the hidden part of Milan, certainly the most beautiful and interesting one.

Among many cultural projects, there are also lots of events for kids, and for all the participants there’s a brochure of the route full of images of the most beautiful water places.

Milano dell’acqua” is part of the project “Cento Milano” (“One Hundred Milan”) and, as expected, it represents the fourth event, which will be followed in May by


Erasmus students see an expensive Italy

“Italy is a country where inefficiency in the field of study is largely widespread, and most of all, too much expensive”

Students in ItalyThis is the general idea which Erasmus students have about Italian system. Infact, according to a survey made by “Studenti Magazine” (“Students Magazine”) and by the association “Erasmus Student network Italia”, tested on about 1500 guys who come from 28 different countries and who chose to study in about 27 Italian cities, these students are deeply disappointed by Italian welcome.

As the students sustain, the “Belpaese” disappoints all their expectations.

Therefore, we are talking about high cost of living, accomodations in ruin, and about a Italy which speak just a little bit of “bad English”… but


Florence… One Hundred Years of History in a Photo!

“D’improvviso Firenze” (“Suddenly Florence”) is the name of an interesting photo exhibition which highlights the historic centre of the city, and it will take place in Florence in Bardini’s Villa until 15th March.

The exhibition is based on the comparison between the photos of Florence immortalized by a young contemporaneous photographer, Gianni Ferrero Merlino, and the historic images kept intact by the Photographic Cabinet.


A photographic itinerary which starts from Uffizi up to Santa Maria Novella, a sort of photograph album of the historic centre of the city, where the history of Florence comes back to life and which will help the spectators to be aware of the changes of the city.

Florence is seen through two different perspectives, the one of the past and the one of the future, photographic clicks which express on their own an entire century of history.