The prestigious Oscar night awards also Italian creativity

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Just last week the 80th edition of the Annual Academy Awards took place in the Kodak Theatre of Los Angeles, exactly as every year happens.

gallery516532.jpgThis year, our country conquered two oscar awards, thanks to the Tuscan artist Dario Marianelli, winning for the best original soundtrack of the dramatic film “Atonement”, and Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo who worked together to realize the scenography of the film Sweeney Todd, directed by Tim Burton (they had already won the Oscar in 2005 for the scenography of “The Aviator”).

The Oscar night, is currently a very important event in the world, one of the most interesting happenings for millions of international viewers who, in spite of time zone, stay awake in front of the tv, ready to comment upon the star’s look and curious to know which ones of the movies are going to be awarded with the most prestigious category prizes.

The first award in the history of Oscar dates back to 1929, and its official name was Academy Award of Merit, later renamed Oscar, following a curious episod whose protagonist was Margaret Herryck, a woman working in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who, looking at the little statue on the table sayed: “Oh, it looks like my uncle Oscar!”

The Oscar is fully dedicated to the cinema’s world. It is the event that awards the best talented artists of the cinema and the best movies, considered to be masterpieces of our time.

Dario MarianelliThe Oscar for the best original soundtrack this year, has been assigned to the most quoted composer of the Academy, the Italian musical genius Dario Marianelli, a Tuscan musician and composer who studied piano in Florence before, then moved to London in 1990, for accomplish to his musical studies.

The Composer, who already had a nomination in 2006 for the soundtrack of the movie “Pride and Prejudice”, is the winner of the Golden Globe, this year, for the best original soundtrack, and of the Oscar prize for the music of “Atonement”, a film that won the Golden Globe in the dramatic movies section and was selected for the opening of the Venice Film Festival 64th edition.

All this represents a great satisfaction to Italy, home country of some of the most important professionists in the movies field.

The ending ceremony of the Oscar event is already over, but lots of people are talking about it, yet. Positive and negative comments will go ahead until next edition….In the meantime we can enjoy our successes, waiting for another Oscar in 2009!

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