The capital’s run starts again:14th edition of the Marathon of Rome

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On 16th March will start the 14th edition of the Marathon in the city of Rome, the Italian sport event which every year reaches the greatest number of participants. The marathon will start at 9.00 o’clock from Via dei Fori Imperiali, near to the Colosseo, and this year has a list of 14,500 athletes who come from 76 different countries.

maratona.jpgThe great Marathon of the city of Rome is an event which is organized at the same time in two different itineraries: the first one is the big run, to which take part professional athletes who race along a way 42 km long.

The second one, Stacittadina For Fun, has no competition, it’s about 4 km long, everyone can take part to it, and it starts immediately after the race of the athletes. This year it broke the record in participants, having a list of 50,000 registrations.

The marathon of Rome is an event which, as shows the number of registrations of every year, catches the attention of thousands professional athletes from all over the world, who use the occasion for running, trampling on the most ancient streets in the world and admiring the amazing artistic and architectural treasures which surrounded the run of the marathon.

The marathon of Rome is born in the beginning of the 20th century, and for years work for a right cause, a social project which this year is called “Progetto Charities”. This project is sponsored by 21 no-profit associations, which this year give the proceeds away to research, treatment and aid.

The marathon of Rome is a good occasion to do sport, have fun, and a way to remember the Romans the extraordinary beauty of their city, and for the other participants, Italians and foreigners, to make a unique experience which it worths take part to.

In addition to this, the marathon of Rome suggests many other events which give the main role to the streets and the squares of the city, which in this occasion will be full of music, country dance, and many interesting meetings about important social topics.

The marathon of the city of Rome is a special event you just cannot miss!

It waits for you on 16th March for starting! For everything about the enrollment and the involvement please click on the official site, or visit our website dedicated to the city of Rome, where you will find a lot of information about this and many other events!

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