Florence… One Hundred Years of History in a Photo!

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“D’improvviso Firenze” (“Suddenly Florence”) is the name of an interesting photo exhibition which highlights the historic centre of the city, and it will take place in Florence in Bardini’s Villa until 15th March.

The exhibition is based on the comparison between the photos of Florence immortalized by a young contemporaneous photographer, Gianni Ferrero Merlino, and the historic images kept intact by the Photographic Cabinet.


A photographic itinerary which starts from Uffizi up to Santa Maria Novella, a sort of photograph album of the historic centre of the city, where the history of Florence comes back to life and which will help the spectators to be aware of the changes of the city.

Florence is seen through two different perspectives, the one of the past and the one of the future, photographic clicks which express on their own an entire century of history.

The photos made by Merlino and the ones made by the photographers of the past, emphasize a different historic sensibility, an exciting evidence that different eyes see different things.

Infact on one side, the photographers of the past immortalized the historic part of the city, the monuments and the artworks which for years made Florence one of the most beautiful cities in the world, whereas the young artist portrays the treasures of the city through everyday activities, taking pictures to a Florence kissed by the sun and full of turists who come from all over the world.

In the end of the exhibition, which will take place until 15th March, the photos by Gianni Ferrero Merlino will be part of the property of the Photographic Cabinet of the Superintendence for Florence museums.

A comparison between Florence of the past and the one which belongs to nowadays, the differences, the evolution of the city through the years, the changes which the history caused to the streets, and the changes which the time provoked on society, on culture and people.

If you are interested in the exhibition and want some more information about Florence, then take a look to our website: www.aboutflorence.com where you will find everything about art and history of the city.

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