Erasmus students see an expensive Italy

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“Italy is a country where inefficiency in the field of study is largely widespread, and most of all, too much expensive”

Students in ItalyThis is the general idea which Erasmus students have about Italian system. Infact, according to a survey made by “Studenti Magazine” (“Students Magazine”) and by the association “Erasmus Student network Italia”, tested on about 1500 guys who come from 28 different countries and who chose to study in about 27 Italian cities, these students are deeply disappointed by Italian welcome.

As the students sustain, the “Belpaese” disappoints all their expectations.

Therefore, we are talking about high cost of living, accomodations in ruin, and about a Italy which speak just a little bit of “bad English”… but the worst critic was given to the University system, which disappointed all expectations especially referring to the teachers. In this way Italy appears different from what the students expected to see, because of the world-famous history and culture of Italy.

According to the Erasmus students in Italy, it is possible to learn Italian language, but you have to make it on your own, because you cannot trust istitutions or teachers.

From time immemorial, it’s our fame which lead thousands of students from all over the world to come here to study, because in spite of everything, Italy remains a lively and charismatic country, rich in resources which however it’ s not able to exploit, because it seems that only 60% would come back to Itlay for the second time.

It is difficult to put up with the idea which foreign students have about our country, and it’s more difficult to admit they’re right.

However, we have to remind them and many other students who want to try Erasmus experience, that studing in Italy can still be wonderful, because there are cities like Rome, Milan, Florence and Siena which can offer many opportunities of a good study of Italian language and culture, and the chance of seeing some of the most famous artistic and architectural treasures in the world!

Milan, Rome, Florence and Siena are all cities rich in art, and represent the way Italians live, but most of all, they are seat of the most prestigious athenaeum in italy which house thousands of Erasmus students who come from all over the world.

It can be beautiful and amusing to study in italy, you just need someone who’s able to give you all the information you need to make your stay in our country nice and simple.

Our duty is to inform Erasmus students in our country about Erasmus organization in Italy, precisely in Milan, Rome, Florence and Siena, by giving information about University, about istitutions and courses of Italian language teaching.

Students have also the chance to visit our websites dedicated to the cities, a complete guide which helps students to choose the places to study, to eat, to sleep and to have fun, informing them about everything nice in our country.

So…Would you like to come to Italy for your Erasmus experience?? Then visit now our websites dedicated to Milan, Rome and Florence, where you can find useful information for your stay in Italy.
In addition, even the most disappointed students say it…. Italy is still and remains the famous “Belpaese”!

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