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navigli-leonardo-milano2.jpg“Milano dell’acqua” (“Milan & Waters”) is the name of a particular and suggestive event which takes place in these days in Milan and is born to value and appreciate the landscape and the history around the city of Milan, sometimes unknown by its own inhabitants.

The event has started on 14th February and is divided into a list of appointments which will give foreigners and people from Milan the opportunity to discover the territorial waters of the city through an unusual and suggestive itinerary, from the city Aquarium, to the Navigli and covered water channels of the city.

There will be 20 appointments which will lead all the participants in the historic, artistic and cultural reconstruction of the hidden part of Milan, certainly the most beautiful and interesting one.

Among many cultural projects, there are also lots of events for kids, and for all the participants there’s a brochure of the route full of images of the most beautiful water places.

Milano dell’acqua” is part of the project “Cento Milano” (“One Hundred Milan”) and, as expected, it represents the fourth event, which will be followed in May by “Milano nascosta e inusuale” (“A hidden and unusual Milan”), a long travel through the royal courts and courtyards of the city.

Therefore this is more than an interesting event, because it can be useful to anybody who wants to discover the treasures of a hidden and silent Milan, different from we use to think about.

“Milano dell’acqua” is waiting for you until 29th March, if you are interested in the exhibition and you would like to know more information about the history of Milan, to know where to eat, sleep and much more, visit our website entirely dedicated to the city.

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