Easter time: the “Brindellone” tradition in Florence

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The Burst of the Cart is an ancient celebration which dates back to the first crusade, and which Florence inhabitants love.

The Burst of the CartThis manifestation takes place every year in Piazza Duomo (Dome Square), where there is the “Brindellone”, that is the wonderful three-floor cart which is the celebration’s protagonist.


At this point, a rocket formed as a dove, Easter peace’s symbol, comes down hanging on a thread which goes from the main choir of the Dome to the cart, and if the celebration is successfull, it burns and emits a wonderful play of lights, colours, smoke and outbreaks.

The story of the Burst of the Cart is rich of religious and historic details, a beautiful story, rich of turns of events, and it’s a really important chapter in Florence and its inhabitants history.

The tradition tells that, in the end of the first crusade, which ended with Jerusalem capture, the first person who climbed on the holy city wall was Pazzino de’ Pazzi, who came from Florence, and who for his bravery received three slivers of the holy sepulchre.

After that, on Holy Saturday Day, the crusaders lighted a fire by rubbing those 3 stones, and gave as a gift to everyone a bit of that fire as symbol of purification. This particular ceremony obtained importance for the believers, and so it became a true religious rite which saw as main character a cart which burned a purification fire.

We don’t know the exact date on which the Burst of the Cart took place for the first time, but we know that in the beginning it was a very simple and modest ceremony, and only thanks to Pazzi family the cart became so rich and famous. Infact, after a series of social and historic events, Pazzis decided that the cart had to be stronger and more beautiful, so that it would last forever!

The Burst of the Cart is just one of the many traditions which belong to the city of Florence, so if you want to know some more information, then click on our website: www.aboutflorence.com

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