Let’s Run! StraMilano starts again

StraMilanoOn next 6th April the most expected sport event by the runners of our country comes back: ‘Stramilano 2008‘.

‘StraMilano’ is the most famous extracity in Italy, an event which, from 1972, gives as a gift to the city of Milan an entirely day dedicated to sport, to health, to solidarity, and to entertainment.

This year StraMilano is scheduled on 6th April, and once again, it will include professional and amateurs athletes who come from all over the world. StraMilano is dedicated to everyone, with no age, sex or “speed” discrimination.

Infact, the marathon, for its participants, divides itself into three! Right, because during the day of 6th April there will be three different itineraries which will go through the city: ‘StraMilano of 50,000′, ‘StraMilano Agonistica Internazionale’ (International Agonistic Stramilano) and ‘Stramilanina’ (The little StraMilano).

StraMilano of 50,000‘ is the no-competion run which took place along a route of about 12 km, which goes over the wonderful Dome Square until the Civic Arena Theatre. Every year the run involves , from just 37 years, thousands participants of every age, who have 5 hours to end the route in rhythm of walking.

Stramilano Agonistica Internazionale is the international agonistic competition to which take part professional athletes who compete along a route of 21,097 km (from Sforza’s Castle to Civic Arena Theatre). From the debut in 1976, Stramilano Agonistica Internazionale collected victories as the most important competitions of the sector.

But Stramilano continues to wonder and to get renovations, and from 2004 it is possible to run with the champions. “Run with the champions” is an amazing initiative which allows to the card-carrying members of FIDAL and IAAF, to vie with professionals.

On the contary, Stramilanina, as its own name says, is the race dedicated to the youngest ones and it’s just 6 km long (4 hours of time), but involvement is also open to who’s not able to run for 12 km, but anyway doesn’t want to renounce to take part to this beautiful day of sport.

Along the run itinenrary there will be rest-stop-areas where the participants will have the chance to take a breath, and in the end of the race, looking forward to the arrival to the winning post of the agonistic athletes, the children will be entertained by playworkers, who between games and air-balloons will make this day even more special and funny.

Stramilano is from years anxiously expected by all Milan inhabitants and by sportsmen in Italy and in the world, who, in addition to running, will be able to take part to the other numerous initiatives of the StraMilan day dedicated to guys, to music and to social activity, therefore, entertainment is guaranteed!

Therefore, don’t forget, the greatest marathon in Italy is waiting for you in Milan on 6th April. It doesn’t matter if you think you are not able to cross the finishing line..to the Stramilano it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts!

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