Month: April 2008

Photograph – International Festival of Rome

Fotografia-Festival Internazionale di Roma” comes back with its 7th edition. The event is dedicated to the exposition of the most original and brilliant photos of contemporaneous affirmed and emerging photographers, who every year get inspiration from a particular topic.

This year, as the artistic director Marco Delogu decided, the king of the castle will be Normality. Clicks of lived life, stolen to the everyday life, moments, split seconds of a day trapped into a click. Nort even an extravagance or peculiarity, normality only, this is the mentality of the new edition of the International Festival of Rome which every year awards the best talents of photography. 

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Supported by the town council of Rome with the production of Zoneattive, this year the Festival will be divided into three different exhibition’s itineraries according to the category, therefore it will be housed in three different seats: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, an area on the west bank of the river Tevere, and the National Gallery of Modern Art. 

At Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in a manner of speaking the centre of the manifestation, the photos of three young photographers will be exhibited; they are Paolo Woods, Leonie Purchas e Lucia Nimcowa, whose creations contribute to enrich tinternational artistic background of photography.

The Museum of Rome in Trastevere instead will house more accurate and laborious clicks of photographers who are already affirmed and who directed their attention to war, joy and pains of our society.


Siena Masters from Lindenau Museum of Altenburg

From 15th March a nex picture exhibition will arrive in Siena, and its name is ” Maestri senesi dal Lindenau Museum di Altenburg” (“Siena Masters from Lindenau Museum of Altenburg”) dedicated to the artworks of Tuscan and Siena masters which belong to the Renaissance and to the Gothic period.

This exhibition, which could seem to be one of many, is indeed really particular because these pictures come from Germany and precisely from the personal collection of the baron Bernhard August von Lindenau, until now kept intact at Lindenau Museum of Altenburg.

Exhibition in Siena


The exhibition is housed by the Museum of Santa Maria of Scala and it’s a good occasion to admire these amazing pictures which are not many, but which are rich of history, tradition and contents.

Through these artworks it is possible to create again the artistic itinerary which the Siena masters went through throughout their career and they are useful to rebuild the peculiar characteristics of the pictorial production in Tuscany between 13th and 16th century.

Art 2008: international crafts in Florence

ART 2008 in FlorenceART 2008, the market exhibition of international Crafts, comes back to Florence at Fortezza da Basso from 25th April to 4th May.
It is now a habitual appointment between the city of Florence and Art, the most famous craft fair in the world, which every year gathers the best craft creations exhibited along an itinerary characterized by inspiration and originality.
Art, to which this year about 800 among Italian and foreign exhibitors take part, represents a real match point between demand and offer, between the craft businesses and the most affectionate consumers, who, absorbed in a scenary of innovation and steady evolution, will have the chance to choose between several craft products, from typical food, to special gifts and jewels.
The market exhibition of international Crafts


A Musical May in Florence

The “71° Maggio Musicale Fiorentino – Donne Contro” (“71st edition of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino – Women against “) will start on 26th April, and it’s Florence music festival which until 1st July will give us as a gift a season rich of art and music.Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 2008

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is one of the most ancient concerts in Europe and its fame and prestige is due to its cultural choices which characterize every edition of this musical event.

This music festival presents a long and interesting calendar with theatre performances and dance shows in collaboration with some of the greatest masters of international opera, and also set designers, painters and sculptors who created the wonderful scenographies of the plays.

The Teatro Comunale (Town Theatre) host this magnificent Florence event which can host up to 2003 spectators, and every year it’s dedicated to an elaboration of a historic and cultural period, most of all of music, as for example the editions dedicated to Esxpressionism or Romanticism.

The name “Music Festival of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” is due to its origins. In fact the festival, founded in 1933, descends from the ancient spring celebrations which were made in Florence and Tuscany, called “Calendimaggio”.

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino will start


Sebastiano del Piombo on Exhibition in Rome

The city of Rome is proud to host in the wonderful halls of Palazzo Venezia until 18th May , the artworks which belong to one of the 16th century greatest Italian artists, Sebastiano del Piombo.

The exhibition, the first monosgraph dedicated do the painter, goes over about 80 artworks, from the artist’ paintings (paintings on board, small paintings on slate, life size portraits) to other artworks by comparison, useful to understand and to underline the artistic genius Del Piombo.

Exhibition in ROme: Sebastiano del Piombo

Moreover, in order to allow the spectator to retrace the artistic itinerary of the painter, the exposure is branched, with a path which goes from the first lightful, great and coloured artworks, to the last productions, abstract geometrical shapes dipped with dull shades.

Sebastiano Luciani (this is the real name of the artist), was born in Venice in 1484, and spent most of his artistic life in Rome, where in 1531 it was given to him the qualification of ‘papal piombatore’ (minister of justice who took care of papal bulls and apostolic letters), from which the nickname “del Piombo” results, by which he’s known all over the world.