An Exhibition for Women’s Art

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Until 6th April in “Palazzo Reale” of Milan an original exhibition will take place, and it’s entirely dedicated to the pictorial production of women, “L’Arte delle Donne dal Rinascimento al Surrealismo” (“Women’s Art from Renaissance to Surrealism”).


Infact this time tourists will not see artworks whose subjects are women, or rather not only…. because all exhibited pictures are painted by female painters, artists who deeply etched on Art History from Renaissance to Surrealism.

The exhibition’s aim is to highlight and to give the woman role a new value in the field of art, by proposing a scenery of the most important feminine artworks which belong to the last five centuries.

The goal is to emphasize the women role and the feminine artists, who are unknown by many people but who produced artworks to see and to analyze; beautiful pictures rich of sensitivity which show a clear feminine hand behind them.

Presently the 4th most visited exhibition in Italy, it shows more than 200 artworks which belong to the centuries between 16th and 20th, and they all come from the most prestigious museums in the world.

There are artworks of about 110 feminine artists, and they all were chosen by a scientific committee which decided to stress the attention on those artworks and artists whose each history is the history of the artistic evolution of all women, artists who belong to these 5 centuries.

Therefore…don’t hesitate to go to the Palazzo Reale of Milan! The peculiarity of this exhibition is having two main goals: the first is obviously artistic, and the second one is social: 5% of the exhibition’s gain will be given to the new therapeutic programs against tumors which affect women.

Therefore… What are you waiting for? Come and take a look at this really interesting exhibition, it’s also a good reason for making right!
If you’ve never been to Milan and want some more information about it, then click on:

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