Tiziano’s mature sensitiveness in an exhibition in Venice

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The city of Venice dedicates an exhibition to one of the artists that mostly made Venice one of the world art capital, Tiziano.

The exhibition’s name is The last Tiziano and the sensuality of his painting and it will be housed in the  Venice Accademy Galleries until next 20th April.

The title symbolizes the exhibition itself, because it is dedicated to Tiziano’s last artworks, about 28 masterpieces painted between 1550 and 1576, year of his death, which come from the greatest museums in Europe.See the official site of the Exhibition

See the official site of the Exhibition

Tiziano’s last artworks are characterized by the creation and development of a curious tecnique called “pittura a macchia” (spotted painting), which has always been the object of international study and research. Tiziano has a his own style, easily recognizable, characterized by quick and sometimes inaccurate marks, with no drafts, which makes figures real and alive, and together with subjects sensuality makes unique these artworks.

In this exhibition it is possible to admire one of the artworks that the world museums envy, Tiziano’s last artwork, La Pietà, par excellence symbol of that tecnique and that artistic period.

The exhibion is made up of 3 sections, which are respectively dedicated to the portrays, to the profane topics, and to the holy painting, all prestigious artworks whose union represents a unique event for Italy.

The artworks represent and express Tiziano’s feelings and purposes in the moment of creation, infact they portray a mature Tiziano in full artistic sensibility. Artworks which talk about Tiziano as an artist and as a man, who was born in Belluno, but chose to spend his last days (even artistic days) in Venice.

Venice Accademy Galleries offer visitors a rich itinerary, because it also preserves Giorgione and Tintoretto artworks, which can be interesting to compare with the great exhibition protagonist.

“L’ultimo Tiziano e la sensualità della pittura” is waiting for you until 20th April at Venice Accademy Galleries… if you want some more information about Venice, then take a look to our website: www.aboutvenice.org

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