Sebastiano del Piombo on Exhibition in Rome

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The city of Rome is proud to host in the wonderful halls of Palazzo Venezia until 18th May , the artworks which belong to one of the 16th century greatest Italian artists, Sebastiano del Piombo.

The exhibition, the first monosgraph dedicated do the painter, goes over about 80 artworks, from the artist’ paintings (paintings on board, small paintings on slate, life size portraits) to other artworks by comparison, useful to understand and to underline the artistic genius Del Piombo.

Exhibition in ROme: Sebastiano del Piombo

Moreover, in order to allow the spectator to retrace the artistic itinerary of the painter, the exposure is branched, with a path which goes from the first lightful, great and coloured artworks, to the last productions, abstract geometrical shapes dipped with dull shades.

Sebastiano Luciani (this is the real name of the artist), was born in Venice in 1484, and spent most of his artistic life in Rome, where in 1531 it was given to him the qualification of ‘papal piombatore’ (minister of justice who took care of papal bulls and apostolic letters), from which the nickname “del Piombo” results, by which he’s known all over the world.

Exceptionally gifted painter, who deeply made his mark in the Italian artistic background, Sebastiano del Piombo has never been ignored, but most of all he was really admired by contemporaneous and posthumous art criticism. He had to face the shadow of his contemporaneous colossus of world art history, as Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo, and nowadays, with this exceptional exhibition, he finally comes back as absolut protagonist.

Sebastiano del Piombo’s artworks will be on exhibition until 18th May at Palazzo Venezia in the wonderful city of Rome…..later, from 28th June they will arrive to Germany, in a Berlin anxious for admiring the artworks of one of the greatest 16th Italian century artists.

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