Siena Masters from Lindenau Museum of Altenburg

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From 15th March a nex picture exhibition will arrive in Siena, and its name is ” Maestri senesi dal Lindenau Museum di Altenburg” (“Siena Masters from Lindenau Museum of Altenburg”) dedicated to the artworks of Tuscan and Siena masters which belong to the Renaissance and to the Gothic period.

This exhibition, which could seem to be one of many, is indeed really particular because these pictures come from Germany and precisely from the personal collection of the baron Bernhard August von Lindenau, until now kept intact at Lindenau Museum of Altenburg.

Exhibition in Siena


The exhibition is housed by the Museum of Santa Maria of Scala and it’s a good occasion to admire these amazing pictures which are not many, but which are rich of history, tradition and contents.

Through these artworks it is possible to create again the artistic itinerary which the Siena masters went through throughout their career and they are useful to rebuild the peculiar characteristics of the pictorial production in Tuscany between 13th and 16th century.

The most interesting group of pictures of the exhibition is the one from Siena and Florencia, and is high-value for the handmade works, for the subjects and for the used techniques, and most of all we have names of painters like Pietro Lorenzetti, Guido da Siena and many others who made Tuscany the world art capital.

In conjuction with the pictures of the German collection, the exhibition will house artworks of artists who worked in Siena throughout their life and who surely influenced the picture of the following centuries .

For the city of Siena and Tuscany is a honour to house this exhibition which allows these artworks of extraordinary beauty and sensistivity to come home, and also it is a way to allow everyone, people from Siena, from Tuscany and tourists from all over the world, to show the part of its great artistic tradition, which is less known but absolutely interesting to see.

“Maestri senesi dal Lindenau Museum di Altenburg” is waiting for you from 15th March to 6th July at Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala of Siena.

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