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Fotografia-Festival Internazionale di Roma” comes back with its 7th edition. The event is dedicated to the exposition of the most original and brilliant photos of contemporaneous affirmed and emerging photographers, who every year get inspiration from a particular topic.

This year, as the artistic director Marco Delogu decided, the king of the castle will be Normality. Clicks of lived life, stolen to the everyday life, moments, split seconds of a day trapped into a click. Nort even an extravagance or peculiarity, normality only, this is the mentality of the new edition of the International Festival of Rome which every year awards the best talents of photography. 

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Supported by the town council of Rome with the production of Zoneattive, this year the Festival will be divided into three different exhibition’s itineraries according to the category, therefore it will be housed in three different seats: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, an area on the west bank of the river Tevere, and the National Gallery of Modern Art. 

At Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in a manner of speaking the centre of the manifestation, the photos of three young photographers will be exhibited; they are Paolo Woods, Leonie Purchas e Lucia Nimcowa, whose creations contribute to enrich tinternational artistic background of photography.

The Museum of Rome in Trastevere instead will house more accurate and laborious clicks of photographers who are already affirmed and who directed their attention to war, joy and pains of our society.

Finally, the National Gallery of Moder Art will house the works of David Perlov, an important Israeli visual artist, and of Rossella Bellusci, on exhibition with a research on perceptive trasformations of light.

But the Festival doesn’t stop at the expositions and involves all its visitors with a series of collateral events, such as screenings, introductions to new productions, and meetings with important representatives of the artistic and cultural background.

 Even if what makes this festival of photography the greatest generative of originality, innovation and changes, is ‘Macello 4th’, the session dedicated to the experimentation which gives the new emerging proposals the opportunity to express.

“Fotografia-Festival Internazionale di Roma” is waiting for you until 25th May to see life told in a huge photograph album!

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