Month: May 2008

At the begging of the sixth stage motogp 2008

From 30th of May to the 1st of June the Italian Gran Prix will be held at the Mugello circuit

and it will coincide with a cycle of 6 races in just 8 weeks.
This circuit, well knowin the past for the most beatiful grand prix duels, enlights passions and hopes of all wordchampionship title pretendents, although “the doctor” doesn’t agree about the idea of abandoning its privileged relationship with Mugello; Rossi reveals his hopes, moreover, never disregarded

But Stoner follows him:
“Whenever anybody asks me which is my favourite track, other than my home track of Phillip Island, Mugello immediately springs to mind. It is a true racetrack – fast, technical and demanding because it requires a precise line otherwise you can loose a lot of time,”
conscious of the mistakes made in previous editions, seeks redemption by climbing on the podium.

Even Lorenrzo and Hayden don’t hide their happyness and appreciate the skills of the Mugellano circuit. Hayden also underline the atmosphere (Here he will surely have tasted the best tortelli)
but criticises the asphalt track (too full stomach?)

Let’s see if there are unforeseen exploits, Edwards, doesn’t feel many chances: ” I don’t like very much Mugello,…” or the same Michael Schumacher (?!?). Rumors said he’s having an accurate preparation to this Motogp appointment

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The Garden of Roses in Florence

The Garden of Roses is one of the most romantic and suggestive place of Florence and it will be open everyday for three months until the 31st of July.

This place offers a panoramic view of the city that will take your breath away, and it is placed near San Niccolò among Viale Poggi, Via di San Salvatore and Via dei Bastioni. This year it will offer visitors 160 new varieties of roses, new measures of security and new setting.

The Garden of Roses in FlorenceThe municipality of Florence commissioned the architect Giuseppe Poggi to design new public spaces showing the beauty of the new capital, and the Garden of Roses became one of the first such places in 1865.

Made according to the french-model, it is a wonderful garden covering about one hectare (about 2 acres) of the slopes of the hill below Piazzale Michelangelo.

It is located between the Piazzale Michelangelo and the Forte Belvedere and it was inaugurated in 1895 in occasion of the Festa delle Arti e dei Fiori.

Pierre Auguste Renoir: Artworks which are witnesses of a journey

He was one of the 19th century art genius, and now Pierre Auguste Renoir’s artworks are in an exhibition in Rome until 29th June at the Complesso of the Vittoriano.

The exhibition is called “La maturità tra classico e moderno” is dedicated to Renoir’s artistic production which followed his journey in Italy, by retracing this phase of his work through an itinerary made up of 150 pictures.

The painter arrived to Italy in autumn 1881, going from the North to the South of the country. Renoir’s journey initially was just a study and work trip, to search inspiration, a motivating force to take himself out of the Impressionist movement.Exhibition in Rome: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Inspiration which swept the artist and which came from the vision and study of Italian classic artworks, proved by notes, sketches and drafts gathered in a sort of travel book which Renoir wrote during his stay in italy.

Therefore the exhibition tries to emphasize the importance of this Italian “awakening” of the artist, but also highlights the absolut variety of the artistic genius of Renoir, who during his long career used different tecniques to paint very different subjects.

The exhibition’s artworks which come from prestigious private collections from all over the world, portrait young women in their simple acts and activities but full of sensuality, so…mothers, ladies and children, but also the more recent artworks dedicated to the landscapes.



From the 23rd to the 25th of May, from 9 to 20 there will be in Florence, in the Fortezza da Basso, the fifth edition of Terra Futura, the national meeting-exhibition of the “good practices” of sustainability.

The event was born with the aim to guarantee a worthy future for our planet and it suggests the themes and the “good practices” of the social, economical and environmental sustainability. The topics deal with every field of daily life and of the social relationships of persons, from the economic system to the public administration.

Eventi a Firenze: Terra FuturaThe goal of this event is to bring the whole society towards a process of global sensitization. Terra Futura wants to promote all the cultural initiatives that are already experimenting and using these lifestyle models of sustainability.

There will be many organizations, companies, firms and associations, which are already investing in this field, toghether with visitors. They will meet, exchange views and try to find a way to adopt more and more sensible behaviours.

The event comprises 500 expositive areas and more than 4000 companies that will show visitors a lot of products and services, which have been made according to the sustainability’s principles.


La Fiorita in Florence

On the 23 of May in Palazzo Vecchio, at 10 o’clock, there will be the the Mass to commemorate the death of Father Girolamo Savonarola, which happened on the 23 of May in 1498.
After the worship in the Cappella dei Priori, the city, civic and religious authorities toghether with the city dwellers will go in procession to Piazza della Signoria, where the “Fiorita” will take place with music accompanist and waving of flags.

Girolamo Savonarola in Florence

Here flowers and twigs of palm will be strewed in the exact point on which Savonarola was hung and burned toghether with his brothers Domenico Buonvicini da Pescia and Silvestro Maruffi da FIrenze. The Historical Procession of the Florence Republic will go then on Ponte Vecchio and there, flower-petals will be simbolically thrown in the river Arno by the side of the Cellini’s bust.

Today’s Fiorita ceremony is the commemoration of a true deed. The day after the death of Savonarola, the place he was burnt in appeared full of flowers, rose-petals and twigs of palm. During the night, many people had spontaneously paid homage to the memory of the preacher. In this way they began a tradition that still today is going on.