Giacomo Balla: the story of an artist on exhibition in Milan

Giacomo Balla exhibition in Milan

Until 2nd June 2008 Palazzo Reale in Milan will host an exceptional exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest representatives of Italian Futurism: Giacomo Balla.

At the exhibition called “Giacomo Balla – La Modernità Futurista” (“Giacomo Balla – The Futurist Modernity“) it will be possible admire the whole Balla’s futuristic production, movement to which the artist conformed later than his contemporaries. The exhibition is founded on the study and the analysis of his futuristic artworks, true fount of energy.

Virtuosities of shapes and colours, broken shapes which give movement to the pictures. Artworks which still talk about sensations and shivers, maybe because of Balla’s previous artworks.

Spectators can admire about 200 artworks on exhibition, and for this occasion they will have the chance to retrace the whole artistic itinerary of the painter, highlighting the crucial moments of change.

The exhibition’s journey refers to Balla as an artist and as a man, because the artworks are witnesses not only of the change in using a different tecnique, but also of social changes, and of man’s sensibility which now is ordered by modern times.

It’s extraordinary to see between the creations of a same artist, such different artworks as “Portrait of my mother” (1901), rich of emotion and sensibility, and as “Sunday rifle shot ” (1918), pure source of energy.

37 years after the last retrospective dedicated to Balla, today the exhibition intends to revalue the figure of the artist, which maybe have been ignored for too long, but most of all it wants to give a propulsive boost to Milan as city of art and culture.

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