From Canova to the Fourth State: an Exhibition for a Century of Art

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Until 10th June 2008, the Scuderie del Quirinale (presidential palace) of Rome will be the seat of a really important exhibition, dedicated to the 19th century great art.
The title of the exhibition is “From Canova to the Fourth State”, and it’s the first time that our country, from centuries the capital of art and culture, houses an exhibition which shows as protagonist the European 19th century painting and carving.
At Scuderie del Quirinale of Rome, the exhibition’s visitors will come face to face with just 100 masterpieces which the exhibition’s organizers, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Fernando Mazzocca and Carlo Sisi, have carefully selected between the amazing artworks that the numerous artistic production of the 19th century left us.

Exhibition in Rome: from Canova to the Fourth State

The paintings have been branched and exposed in different divisions, and between them, in the main sections, the great sculptures by such artists as Canova, Bartolini and Duprè stand out .
The exhibition’s purpose is to underline the importance of a century which deeply shaped history and art of our country, and which, between historical and social events of different order, at its time and for too long, has obfuscated the immense beauty and importance of our artists.
When people already thought that Italy had lost its world supremacy in art, Canova was carving some of the today’s most admired and appreciated sculptures in the world, and the Italian paintings took shape of one of the most famous paintings in history “Il Quarto Stato” by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo.
Greatness and modernity of a century art, which has not yet left behind tradition totally, but it stretches out toward the future.
Da Canova al Quarto Stato” is waiting for you until 10th June in Rome, and it’s at the present moment one of the most notable exhibitions in Italy, therefore, come and see…it’s really worth it!
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    can you help me find any infomation on a small painting i have on a piece of wood in the bottom left corner it has NAPOLI=Pescatori= and in the left corner it has Mazzocca.A. any information would be great . thanks