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From the 23rd to the 25th of May, from 9 to 20 there will be in Florence, in the Fortezza da Basso, the fifth edition of Terra Futura, the national meeting-exhibition of the “good practices” of sustainability.

The event was born with the aim to guarantee a worthy future for our planet and it suggests the themes and the “good practices” of the social, economical and environmental sustainability. The topics deal with every field of daily life and of the social relationships of persons, from the economic system to the public administration.

Eventi a Firenze: Terra FuturaThe goal of this event is to bring the whole society towards a process of global sensitization. Terra Futura wants to promote all the cultural initiatives that are already experimenting and using these lifestyle models of sustainability.

There will be many organizations, companies, firms and associations, which are already investing in this field, toghether with visitors. They will meet, exchange views and try to find a way to adopt more and more sensible behaviours.

The event comprises 500 expositive areas and more than 4000 companies that will show visitors a lot of products and services, which have been made according to the sustainability’s principles.

It will propose many suggestions and tasks, such as workshops for the repairing of bicycles, a plan for the separate collection of rubbish in the schools of Florence, meetings to promote the “water culture” and to make people aware of the water saving.

Terra Futura is an event of importance within the international scene, which suggests possible solutions and alternative ways to guarantee the protection of our planet, the environmental conservation and the defence of people’s rights.

Come to visit Terra Futura, it’s also an opportunity to discover Florence!!!

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