Pierre Auguste Renoir: Artworks which are witnesses of a journey

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He was one of the 19th century art genius, and now Pierre Auguste Renoir’s artworks are in an exhibition in Rome until 29th June at the Complesso of the Vittoriano.

The exhibition is called “La maturità tra classico e moderno” is dedicated to Renoir’s artistic production which followed his journey in Italy, by retracing this phase of his work through an itinerary made up of 150 pictures.

The painter arrived to Italy in autumn 1881, going from the North to the South of the country. Renoir’s journey initially was just a study and work trip, to search inspiration, a motivating force to take himself out of the Impressionist movement.Exhibition in Rome: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Inspiration which swept the artist and which came from the vision and study of Italian classic artworks, proved by notes, sketches and drafts gathered in a sort of travel book which Renoir wrote during his stay in italy.

Therefore the exhibition tries to emphasize the importance of this Italian “awakening” of the artist, but also highlights the absolut variety of the artistic genius of Renoir, who during his long career used different tecniques to paint very different subjects.

The exhibition’s artworks which come from prestigious private collections from all over the world, portrait young women in their simple acts and activities but full of sensuality, so…mothers, ladies and children, but also the more recent artworks dedicated to the landscapes.

Therefore the exhibition remarks on this artist’s complexity, who gets lost between lights and colours, and who was swept up by inspiration which he had to follow and to adapt to his mood and to every period of his life.

Rome is really proud to host this great artist’s artworks at Complesso del Vittoriano until 29th June, so…be numerous!

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