The Garden of Roses in Florence

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The Garden of Roses is one of the most romantic and suggestive place of Florence and it will be open everyday for three months until the 31st of July.

This place offers a panoramic view of the city that will take your breath away, and it is placed near San Niccolò among Viale Poggi, Via di San Salvatore and Via dei Bastioni. This year it will offer visitors 160 new varieties of roses, new measures of security and new setting.

The Garden of Roses in FlorenceThe municipality of Florence commissioned the architect Giuseppe Poggi to design new public spaces showing the beauty of the new capital, and the Garden of Roses became one of the first such places in 1865.

Made according to the french-model, it is a wonderful garden covering about one hectare (about 2 acres) of the slopes of the hill below Piazzale Michelangelo.

It is located between the Piazzale Michelangelo and the Forte Belvedere and it was inaugurated in 1895 in occasion of the Festa delle Arti e dei Fiori.

Visitors will find in this little park hundreds of beautiful exemplars of roses with total of around 1000 botanic species, 370 different varieties of rose, while the older one dates back to 1500.

Besides the roses, here you can find beautiful lemon trees and tillanza plants coming from Central America, which are kept into a greenhouse. Significant is the irrigation system of the Garden too. It is made up of a reservoir, which is located above the garden into the little wood behind the Piazzale’s loggia, and a duct that brings down the water to the intakes of the Garden.

In 1998 it was enriched with a new place called Shorai, made by the japanese architect Yasuo Kitayama. This little japanese garden was given to Florence by its twin town Kioto and it contributes to give originality and beauty to the Garden.

Security measures of the garden have been improved through the installation of banisters, handrails and gates and moreover there are new systems of irrigation, lighting and control.

Near the entrance there is also a fountain made of “terracotta”, which has been donated to the Municipality of Florence by the Association Fornaci Storiche Artistiche of Impruneta.

The Garden of Roses is open from 8 am to 8 pm. Admission free.

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    Italy is really famous for r its romance and I’ve always wanted to visit Italy! Viva Italiano :D