Macchiaioli: Tuscan Art on Exhibition in Venice

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Until 27th July at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice, an exclusive exhibition is open to the public, and it’s dedicated to the artworks belonging to the great Macchiaioli of Tuscan 19th century: I MACCHIAIOLI CAPOLAVORI DELLA COLLEZIONE MARIO TARAGONI.

I macchiaioli in mostra a Venezia

It seems to be nothing special, but the real peculiarity of this exhibition is that all the artworks on view come from the private collection of Mario Taragoni, great art collector who, between the 30s’ and the 70s’ gathered a rich collection of works.

The collector’s attention in choosing the works, has always been directed mostly to the Tuscan painting, for which he had a great passion, but in its selection prefered most of all Macchiaioli‘s artworks, a painting movement which was born in Florence between the 19th and the 20th century, and whose name was defined by an anonymous reviewer with negative connotation.

This collection stands out from others because the own artworks highlight a choice took on the base of Taragoni’s sensibility and personal taste, without following any fashionable trends of the time, even if he read a lot about criticism of the first decades of the 20th century which strongly encouraged a revaluation of 19th century Tuscan art.

Therefore visiting this exhibition means to have the chance to admire artworks never exposed before publicly, and it means also admire the result of the great artistic genius of Macchiaioli. Armando Spadini, Telemaco Signorini, Mario Puccini and many other great protagonists of Tuscan 19th century are on exhibition, until 27th July, at Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti - Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice.

The exhibition is really beautiful , what are you waiting for? Come and visit it, and moreover… Venice is so amazing….

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