SAPOR BIO – Biological Taste Event in Versilia

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Sapor Bio - Biological Taste in Versilia

It is about to start the second edition of SAPOR BIO which is the exhibition of the Biological Taste organized by Five Bio s.r.l. This year SaporBio will be carried out in cooperation with the most important cities of Versilia’s area: Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and Camaiore.

SaporBio, which will take place from the 11th to the 15th of June, will deal with the bio-ecological world, the show system, the field of food and wine toghether with citizens with the intent to spread the message of living and eating healthily, completely respecting the environment. The goal of SaporBio is the spreading of the biological culture and the civility concerning the ecologically sustainability of environment. This important event wants to suggest the rediscovery of the old genuine tastes, of many new menus and the knowledge of economically sustainable products too.

The testimonial of this edition of SaporBio, as well as last one, will be Marco Columbro. He is a very famous italian showman and actor, who since years is interested in biological food, meant as the way to get closer to a healthy and high-quality way of life in step with nature. The city of Viareggio will be the heart of this event, where many stalls and booths of food will be set up toghether with the Villaggio Bio-Ecologico and the Green Village.

During the 5 days of the display, Viareggio’s piazza Mazzini will transform itself into a big rest area in the open air, which will offer visitors a lot of genuine and biological products and the possibility to taste them. SaporBio will be promoted by talk shows, meetings, conferences, aperitifs with music accompanist and evening shows. The public will take part in an amusing stroll through the four principal itineraries of the exhibition, which are Taste, Environment, Culture and Performance.

SaporBio is a great event of promotion and promulgation of the territory’s food goods with the aim to get to more and more people, a unique event emboding taste, show and culture.

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