A long weekend in Florence!!! The White Night, the Historic Football Match (Calcio Storico) and San Giovanni’s day

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On Saturday the 21st of June, there will be the 13rd edition of the Florence’s White Night in the Oltrarno (the section of Florence on the other side of the Arno), which is one of the historical quarters of Florence.

“Nottarno” will be a long evening full of strictly free events, with the intent to go through the streets and the squares of the historical centre of Florence in a different way: from Santo Spirito square to Piazza della Passera, from via dei Bardi to Palazzo Pitti.

It will be an out-and-out celebration among music and tastings to suit everybody’s fancy and all-ages.Fireworks shows in Florence

 Artisan workshops, stores, restaurants and pubs will be the backdrop of this wonderful night, that you will live toghether in the suggestive location of the city of Florence.

But the party does not end here. Who lives in Florence, but also who will have the possibility to stop over here for some day, will be able to attend two other important traditional manifestations of Florence: the fireworks of San Giovanni’s day and the final match of the Historical Football of Florence.

 The 24 of June is San Giovanni Battista’s day, the patron saint of Florence. As every year, there will be spectaculars fireworks, launched from Piazzale Michelangelo, to celebrate the feast of the patron San Giovanni the Baptist.

According to the tradition, Saint Giovanni became the patron of the city of Florence only with the complete conversion of the city to Christianity. Therefore, he already was it in the Lombard period.

To its honour, it was also rised the Baptistery. The character of San Giovanni dominated for centuries the city of Florence.Every year, on the 24th of June, the city of Florence celebrates the feast of its patron with a series of manifestations that attract the whole city.

Thereby, in the morning of the 24th of June, the Historical Parade goes from Piazza della Singoria to the Baptistery to offer candles to the patron. It follows the solemn mass with the ostension of the relic of the Saint. At the end of the mass, in the night of the 24, in the Piazzale Michelangelo there will be San Giovanni’s fireworks, which attract a lot of people in the Lungarni zone.

San Giovanni’s day will also coincides with the final date of the Historical Football Match of Florence. This year, the protagonists of this match will be the Azzurri’s team and the Rossi’s team after that the Azzurri’s one beated the Bianchi’s one.

The historical footbal come back this year after the suspension of the 11th of June in 2006.

It is one of the main folkloristic events of the city of Florence. It is often referred to as “Calcio in Livrea” (Football in Livery) and it represents the edition of the 17th of February in 1530, which was played even if Florence was under siege.

If you’d like to spend three days in playfulness and whether you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, then don’t waste time! This is the perfect weekend to have a journey in Florence and we know for sure you won’t be disappointed!!!

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