Lucca Summer Festival

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Lucca Summer FestivalThe Lucca Summer Festival comes back with the music program including concerts of many Italian and international artists and it will take place inside the city walls, in the old center of Lucca, “Piazza Napoleone“.
We can reveal some information about the artists: the Patty Pravo Italian tour includes a reinterpretation of the song “La bambola” and Leonard Cohen will have a comeback with a worldwide tour after fifteen years of inactivity. Ennio Morricone will conduct the “Roma sinfonietta” orchestra, the “New roman lyric symphonic orchestra” and the “Claudio Casini” chorus of the Tor Vergata university. At the Festival there will be the Young Summer Competition (21-07-2008), the music contest for rookie bands and lead singers that will go live on Match Music (Sky tv).

This is the definitive concert calendar:

05/07/2008 – Patty Pravo
06/07/2008 – Sheryl Crow
08/07/2008 – Erykah Badu
11/07/2008 – Enzo Avitabile: Concerto gratuito
16/07/2008 – Mario Biondi
18/07/2008 – Ennio Morricone
20/07/2008 – Alicia Keys
21/07/2008 – Summer Giovani: Concerto gratuito
23/07/2008- Mick Hucknall
26/07/2008 – Chicago
27/07/2008 – Leonard Cohen

The Lucca Summer Festival with its famous concerts can become an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany: the old city walls (XV – XVII century), the striking Anfiteatro Square (built on the ruins of an ancient roman amphitheatre), San Martino Square with the city Dome, some renaissance buildings and churches. So in July, the city of Lucca presents itself in two different aspects: as an historical, artistic, cultural city and as a fun, musical, live show city.
To buy the tickets there is an information number: 0584/46477, or visit the web-site:, the tickets vary from a starting price of 30 Euros to a maximum of 80 Euros.
We suggest to park outside the city walls, on the ring road.
Both parking and the railway station are linked with the center of Lucca by a shuttle bus.

Official web-site:

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