Visit Mugello: discovering Florence Renaissance

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Viaggio dei MagiFrom 8th of June until the 30th of November a great exhibition on Renaissance will be organised in Mugello in four different historical locations.
A very low price shuttle service from Florence will be available to go to the different places of the exhibition as a one day tour. To join this event it’s necessary to buy a “Mugello Card” (5 Euros, 3,5 Euros reduced) which give access to Palazzo Medici Riccardi (Florence), to most of the museums present in Mugello and a 10% of discount with all agreed restaurants, shops and hotels.
Furthermore, on weekends, a free guide will take partecipants through the exhibition. For group reservations are required.

In Palazzo Medici Riccardi it’s possible to assist at the “introduction” of the exhibition, with the

fresco “Viaggio dei Magi” of Benozzo Gozzoli. The famous artwork represents the metaphorical “salvation role” of Medici’s family. On the crowded parade Medici’s founders can be recognized on the background of Mugello landscape.

In Scarperia (Palazzo dei Vicari), Medici in Arms recalls the military feats of the dynasty: with portraits (painted by Giovan Battista Naldini and Bronzino) of the heroic Giovanni delle Bande Nere, his son Cosimo I and with a rich selection of armours, spears, pikes, swords, bows, harquebuses, springalds and culverins (curator: Mario Scalini).

Not far from there, in a little town called S. Piero a Sieve (convent of Bosco ai Frati), “The Man on the Cross” offers a comparison of the famous crucifixes that were at the center of a legendary dispute between two artists of the Renaissance: Donatello and Brunelleschi. The curators are Anna Bisceglia and Antonio Paolucci.

After the break for lunch the shuttle will leave to Borgo S. Lorenzo (Museo della Manifattura Chini). Isabella Lapi Ballerini is the curator of The Medici Villas which includes a portrait of Bianca Cappello, exhibited here for the very first time, and the three Bronzino portraits of Cosimo il Vecchio, Pierfrancesco il Vecchio and Francesco I. Not to be missed, also the three lunettes by Justus van Utens depicting the Medici villas of Trebbio, Cafaggiolo and Pratolino, drawings of the same properties by Giorgio Vasari, poems of Lorenzo il Magnifico, rare ceramics and various objects that witness the ties between the Medici and their lands of origin.

After a short move the last part of the exhibition: the curators are Anna Bisceglia and Antonio Paolucci, at the Beato Angelico Museum of Vicchio, Mugello and the Arts: Giotto, Beato Angelico and Andrea del Castagno presents a series of precious paintings from some of Florence’s greatest museums (Beato Angelico’s famous Mugello Altarpiece) and private collections. Note the two panels by Giotto (St. Francis and St. John the Baptist) recently acquired by the Ente Cassa.

For further information on offered services, timetable and reservations call: 0039 055 8468165
Or have a look at the website:

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