Roman Victories on Exhibition at Colosseo

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ColosseumThe Colosseo, the symbol of greatness of Roman civilization and art in the world will house until 14th September 2008 “Trionfi Romani. I giorni della Gloria” (“Roman Victories. Glory Days”), a very particular exhibition which wants to honour the great Roman civilization’s glory.
The Flavian Amphitheater infact, has become from 5th March the seat of about one hundred works, between which we find bas-reliefs, bronzes, ancient coins, sculptures and frescoes, all witnesses of the great victories in history from Etruscans’ age until Costantine’s period.
The exposition is part of the exhibitions’ cycle organized by Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma (Archaeological Board of Rome), and it is divided into two different sections according to the topic.
The first one is dedicated to the Triumph, and shows the exposition of works and archaeological finds which are witnesses of celebrations and rites from Etruscan Age to the Hellenistic Period, and also a wide range of iconographic artworks which tell the typical ceremonies of the great Roman Triumph’s Age.
The second section

instead, relates to iconographies, sculptures and paintings of illustrious Victors and Vanquished.
Therefore this is an original way, but absolutely interesting, to retrace history, stopping on details which, certainly better than a book, manage to explain ways of life, habits and customs of the greatest civilazion in history.
This exhibition is a real event, it’s the perfect occasion to see together artworks which until this time have been lying around in different museums, but most of all it’s a chance to take a more careful and interested look at the beautiful city of Rome, at Colosseo, at wonderful Triumphal Arches and at all the other treasures which are witnesses of the triumph and the glory of a culture which in the past conquered the whole world.
“Trionfi Romani. I giorni della Gloria” is waiting for you in Rome until 14th September. If you are interested in the exhibition and want some more information about the capital’s art, culture and history, then visit our website entirely dedicated to the city:
Other information is available on:

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