Month: September 2008

“Costante Cambiamento” in Florence

Costante Cambiamento (“Continuous Change”), a festival dedicated to contemporary art and culture, will come back in Florence from 19th September to 8th October.

Costante Cambiamento, on its 12th edition, is a festival really unique, in a class by itself, which every year suggests a different itinerary to explore the contemporary art world.

Costante Cambiamento is a special event where human expression has neither limits nor barriers, where art is represented in all its dimensions, an art which is dance, cinema, design, but also poetry and literature.

Every year the festival chooses a place in the world where art and culture are the witnesses of that country’s history , and where artistic expression is in step with the social evolution.

This year, the event suggests you

European Heritage Days: discovering Italy

The next Italian week-end will be entirely dedicated to art and culture. Yes, because on 29th and 30th September Italy will take part to the European Heritage Days, this year with the name “Le grandi strade della cultura: un valore per l’Europa” (“The wide roads of culture: a treasure for all Europe”).

Therefore, to make Italians and tourists happy, during this week-end all the art places, as museums, archaeological sites, and art galleries will open their doors to the public, with free entrance. People will also have the chance to enjoy the organization of many exhibitions, concerts, conferences and guided artistic itineraries.

European Heritage Days are a perfect and unique opportunity to know and explore with no limits all the treasures of our country, discovering historical and artistic details, which make the Italian artistic heritage one of the richest in the world. For two special days, Italians and tourists from every corner of the world will have the opportunity to visit thousands of art places and to see artworks which for the first time will be admired by the public.

In this edition of European heritage Days, special attention will be given to ancient churches and buildings of our country, which are the most important proof of 20th century’s Italian art history, and which have been remained in the shadow for too much time.

In fact,

Milan’s Autumn is in “Festival”

The autumn in Milan is divided into two parts, between a ‘goodbye’ and a ‘welcome’ to two of the most important events in our country: the ‘Milano Film Festival’ and ‘Comiconvention’.

Yes, because on the 21st September the ‘Milano Film Festival‘ will come to end, one of the most important cinematic events in Italy. The Festival, which every year gathers together hundreds of cinematography fans and experts in the wonderful Milan, is famous most of all for the great involvement of many movie directors, authors and works from numerous countries in the world.The manifestation is made up of several sections, each one dedicated to an important piece of the cinema world. There’s the ‘Concorso Lungometraggi’ (‘Full-lenght Movies Competition’), which presents 10 movies from 9 different countries, all works of young authors; the ‘Concorso Cortometraggi’ (‘Short-Movies Competition’) with 48 short movies from 23 countries; and in addition, there’s “Retrospettiva” (“Retrospective”), which is certainly one of the most charming appointments of Milano Film Festival. This year it’s entitled “The Imaginarium of Dr. Gilliam”, and shows an unmissable retrospective on Terry Gilliam’s visions. But the “Milano Film Festival” is not only cinema… the cinematic event infact will be flanked by Musica‘ (‘Music’), a series of concerts of every kind of music which are oriented towards most of all the youngest ones, making in this way the Festival a place to meet and know new friends.

So, we are talking about meetings, youth and parties… and these are just the same keywords of the other great event which will take place in Milan and will open the next Autumn season: Comiconvention!

Historic Regatta in Venice

As well as last year, on the first Sunday of September, the “Regata Storica” (“Historic Regatta”) will take place, the most important traditional event of Venice that occured for the first time on the 10th of January, 1315, during the government of the Doge Giovanni Soranzo. This ancient event, during the period of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, was organized to celebrate the war victories or to thank the foreign dignitaries and today it is divided into two different parts: the corteo storico and the regattas. Historic Regatta in VeniceThe Historic Regatta starts with a multicoulored acqueous procession made by the Bissone, the Bucintoro and by the Venetian rowing school boats; the procession remembers of the arrival of Cyprus’ queen Caterina Cornaro in Venice. But if the meaning of the procession is the historic remembrance, the regattas represent the highlight of the Venetian rowing agonistic season: during this day the victory allows you to be part of the Venetian rowing history. A long time ago the partecipation