Milan’s Autumn is in “Festival”

The autumn in Milan is divided into two parts, between a ‘goodbye’ and a ‘welcome’ to two of the most important events in our country: the ‘Milano Film Festival’ and ‘Comiconvention’.

Yes, because on the 21st September the ‘Milano Film Festival‘ will come to end, one of the most important cinematic events in Italy. The Festival, which every year gathers together hundreds of cinematography fans and experts in the wonderful Milan, is famous most of all for the great involvement of many movie directors, authors and works from numerous countries in the world.The manifestation is made up of several sections, each one dedicated to an important piece of the cinema world. There’s the ‘Concorso Lungometraggi’ (‘Full-lenght Movies Competition’), which presents 10 movies from 9 different countries, all works of young authors; the ‘Concorso Cortometraggi’ (‘Short-Movies Competition’) with 48 short movies from 23 countries; and in addition, there’s “Retrospettiva” (“Retrospective”), which is certainly one of the most charming appointments of Milano Film Festival. This year it’s entitled “The Imaginarium of Dr. Gilliam”, and shows an unmissable retrospective on Terry Gilliam’s visions. But the “Milano Film Festival” is not only cinema… the cinematic event infact will be flanked by Musica‘ (‘Music’), a series of concerts of every kind of music which are oriented towards most of all the youngest ones, making in this way the Festival a place to meet and know new friends.

So, we are talking about meetings, youth and parties… and these are just the same keywords of the other great event which will take place in Milan and will open the next Autumn season: Comiconvention!

Comiconvention, in its 19th edition, is an exhibition which is entirely dedicated to comics. From 28 September in fact, Milan Quark Hotel’s rooms will turn into real comics pages.

The event is made up of several sections, a comics market, an exhibition of unique and rare copies, a presentation and exhibition of new works, and many meetings with the greatest comics professional designers.

At Comiconvention, people not only speak about comics, but can also see, touch, buy and meet them!!! Yes, because this comics festival presents two days, 15th and 16th November, dedicated to Cosplay, the parade of the fans of comics in their favourite comics characters’ clothing.

Comiconvention is dedicated to every kind of tourist who every year doesn’t want to miss this event… fans, collectors or simple curious people. It’s for everyone who in some way is intrigued by this fantastic world.
Therefore, the city of Milan is not to miss…so, if someone is interested in these events and would like more information about everything that the city can offer, then it would be a good idea to visit the website

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    I always confuse between Italy and Rome. But now i guess i m learning my geography first hand from bloggers like you.

    Thanks for sharing.