“Costante Cambiamento” in Florence

Costante Cambiamento (“Continuous Change”), a festival dedicated to contemporary art and culture, will come back in Florence from 19th September to 8th October.

Costante Cambiamento, on its 12th edition, is a festival really unique, in a class by itself, which every year suggests a different itinerary to explore the contemporary art world.

Costante Cambiamento is a special event where human expression has neither limits nor barriers, where art is represented in all its dimensions, an art which is dance, cinema, design, but also poetry and literature.

Every year the festival chooses a place in the world where art and culture are the witnesses of that country’s history , and where artistic expression is in step with the social evolution.

This year, the event suggests you a travel towards the cultural and artistic dimension of a part of Asia, which in the last years, has become the emblem of continuous change. In particular the contemporary art of Vietnam, a little known country which has been marked by a war which still today after many years threatens the growth of human and civil rights, and where art, music and most of all dance are the way to let this country’s voice be heard.

Costante Cambiamento is an event which shows to all its visitors a reality which every day turns into something new and different, and this leads to the festival’s name, which stimulates on the participants the observation of a different but deeply expressive way to make art.

The festival’s aim is in fact to give the ones who take part to, the opportunity to enlarge their cultural horizons.

The Festival suggests a rich plan of events to follow, where fans and just curious people will be spoilt for choice.

So guys…if you are in Florence and you feel like doing a “continuous change”, this is the right event for you!

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