Month: October 2008

RomaEuropa Festival


Until 10th December the Opificio Ostiense in Rome will house the Romaeuropa Festival.

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The Romaeuropa Festival, this year on its 23rd edition, is one of the most famous Italian cultural events abroad. The reason of its prestige is just the festival’s international quality, which every year attracts artists who come from every corner of Europe and the world to be protagonists of this event.

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This event is dedicated to art as human feeling, and to all its expressions. Dance, music, theatre and shows are waiting for you with a rich calendar full of performances of the most famous artists in the world.

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The Romaeuropa Festival is a young festival for young people who go in search of lively and sincere emotions that have no masks, and who see in comparison with other cultures a necessity.

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Comparison and dialogue between different cultures are the festival’s unquestioned prerogatives, where it is possible to find

Lucca Comics, Games and… Photos

For all the people who are keen on comics, the most important comics event in Italy Lucca Comics and Games comes back.

Lucca Comics and Games is the International trade fair of comics, cartoons, illustration and games, and it’s a traditional appointment with the picturesque city of Versilia, which most of all in the last years gained the undisputed qualification of comics’ capital.

At Lucca Comics and Games, ongoing from 30th October to 2nd November, it is impossible not to find something connected with imagination and fantasy world.

Lucca Comics and Games this year is dedicated to 30th anniversary of Goldrake’ first appearance on Italian TV.

The event, extravant and freakish in each detail, is divided into an itinerary of 8 exhibitions which will take place at Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) of Lucca: 4 personal exhibitions, dedicated

Florence: Birthplace of Renaissance and “Creativity”


The Festival of Creativity comes back on its 3rd appointment at Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 23rd to 26th October.

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The Festival of Creativity is the most original and important event in Italy, entirely dedicated to all creativity’s expressions.

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Imagination, fantasy, innovation, three pillars which the whole event is based on. In fact, every year it presents the most creative ideas and projects in our country.

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Creativity understood as expression of thoughts and ideas of the people who struggle to improve reality. Art, fashion, design, literature, technology, this and much more at the festival which every year gathers thousands of visitors: consider that in 2007 the Festival counted more than 350.000 visitors.

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Every year the festival chooses a theme which the whole event focuses on, and this year the great protagonist is Galileo Galilei’s creative genius, who is going to celebrate his centenary in 2009.

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The Festival’s title is

Rome: the Heart of World…and Cinema!

After the great success of the first two editions, the city of Rome doesn’t give its role of Cinema’s Capital up and starts again with its 3rd edition of “Cinema: Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma” (“Cinema: Rome International Film Festival”).

From 22nd to 31st October in fact, the ‘Auditorium Parco della musica’ of Rome, projected by the famous architect Renzo Piano, turns into a huge box full of movies, concerts, exhibitions and retrospectives, with the participation of international stars.

Although the Festival is so young, is gaining more and more prestige into the international cinematic overview, and every year restarts with its typical spirit of innovation.

However, “Cinema” is not just about films, but also exhibitions and meetings with international guests who want to deepen everything that shines through the films on exhibition, and who want to talk about cinema not as


Ready, steady…go! Venice Marathon starts!

On Sunday 26th October, Venice Marathon will start once again.

Venicemarathon, this year on its 23rd edition, is a well-organized event which harmoniously combines sport and culture, and every year from 1986, draws in the Serenissima the attention of thousands athletes from every corner of Italy.

A picturesque itinerary which only Venice landscape can offer, a run between Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) and the historic Ponte dei Sospiri, 42km of extraordinary beauty along the lagoon, which thanks to a wood-floating-bridge, joins the two banks of Canal Grande, from Punta della Salute (a Venice area) to San Marco pier, for a even more functional and comfortable race.

In addition, this year Venicemarathon’s organization thought about everyone