11th Venice International Architecture Exhibition

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Until 23rd November, Venice Biennale will house its 11th International Architecture Exhibition, which will be entitled ‘Out There: Architecture Beyond Building’.

This important and world famous exhibition is a showcase for continuous progress of contemporary architecture. Managed by Aaron Betsky, this year the exhibition proposes an experimental and creative architecture, which gets in contact with reality and needs of today’s society.

The Building will be no longer the keystone of Venice Architecture Biennale, but the Space. Architecture as art, not buildings, but creations which blend in the environment they got into.

In Venice Arsenale and in the Padiglione Italia at Giardini, visitors will have the chance to see 23 different Installations for about two months. They’re all creations made by architects who have been able to get the present architecture’s changes, and who evoke in the observers the sensation that something has changed, that the architectural beauty cannot and mustn’t be tied to imagination, but can really materialize, providing new architectural solutions. So, no longer theory, but reality.

As every year, the exhibition plans the presence of many important field experts, and guides its visitors along an itinerary which is rich of events. Experimental installations, prize-givings, but also special sections, as the ones dedicated to the city of Rome, entitled ‘Roma Interrotta’ (‘Rome interrupted’) and ‘Uneternal City’.

Venice Architecture Biennale is a unique event which you cannot miss, even if you are not a fan…and besides, Venice is so wonderful!

The exhibition is waiting for you until 23rd November, so, if you are interested and want further information about this and many other events in Venice, then look up our website dedicated to the city.

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