Pablo Picasso at Vittoriano in Rome

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Finally in Rome, at Vittoriano Museum, an exhibition dedicated to one of the fathers of contemporary art: “Picasso 1917-1937. L’Arlecchino dell’Arte” (“Picasso 1917-1937. Harlequin of Art”).

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Picasso as the emblem of the extraordinary artistic fervor of 20th century. This is the fundamental meaning of the great exhibition which retraces the artistic itinerary of the painter from 1917 to 1937. The year 1917 was chosen as starting date of the path because it represented a turning-point in the artist’s career.

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Picasso totally introduced himself into the artistic and cultural scenery of his time, putting on canvas the results of years of research and tests.

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In fact the event entitled “Picasso 1917-1937. L’Arlecchino dell’Arte”, suggests a wide range of colours and subjects which were faced by the artist, with a digression on life and career of the author of “Guernica” (1937) and “Arlecchino Musicista”, through these and other works, between the most significant and striking ones.

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A landmark for all the artists of the time, Picasso was able to be the greatest traditionalist and revolutionary of twentieth-century art in the same breath: an abstractist who didn’t renounce to the tradition heritage, a neo-classic who invented new shapes and colours in the light of a constantly changing reality, a cubist who underlined the singularity reached through different points of view, and even a surrealist.

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The exhibition displays the 30 most interesting and unique years of painting of last century, therefore…why not to take the opportunity to see Picasso’s work finally in our wonderful capital?

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“Picasso 1917-1937. L’Arlecchino dell’Arte” is waiting for you from next 10th October to 8th February 2009 at Vittoriano Museum of Rome.

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    We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and were particularly taken by a small painting entitled “Bird in a tree”. Do you know where we may be able to obtain a print of this work?