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For all the people who are keen on comics, the most important comics event in Italy Lucca Comics and Games comes back.

Lucca Comics and Games is the International trade fair of comics, cartoons, illustration and games, and it’s a traditional appointment with the picturesque city of Versilia, which most of all in the last years gained the undisputed qualification of comics’ capital.

At Lucca Comics and Games, ongoing from 30th October to 2nd November, it is impossible not to find something connected with imagination and fantasy world.

Lucca Comics and Games this year is dedicated to 30th anniversary of Goldrake’ first appearance on Italian TV.

The event, extravant and freakish in each detail, is divided into an itinerary of 8 exhibitions which will take place at Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) of Lucca: 4 personal exhibitions, dedicated to the exhibition of famous comics designers’ works; a collective exhibition dedicated to an emerging country in the world of illustration, Poland; an original review entitled “Viaggi senza frontiere” (“Travels with no limits”) during which it will be retraced the sad, hard, but still hopeful history of the African continent; and finally and exhibition which holds the meaning of the whole event: “Arte e Fumetto” (“Art and Comics”), two different world joined together by a common denominator: images and their expressive potential.

In addition, as every year at Lucca Comics and Games, the Self Area, dedicated to the self-made comics, and the Area Japan can’t miss at all.

But Lucca Comics and Games is not just comics and games, but also Music! Yes, because also this year there will be the stage Music and Comics, where music and comics meet each other.

What? Don’t tell me that you forgot about Cosplay! Lucca Cosplay, which will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd, is the most involving and spectacular moment of Lucca Comics. During Lucca Cosplay in fact, the most enthusiastic comics’ fans take part to a parade in their favourite comics heroes’ clothing, and walk the runway on Music and Comics’ stage.

But the real novelty of this year is the fact that the parade is connected to the other great event of Lucca’s autumn. The most beautiful photos which you will take during Cosplay in fact, will be exhibited at Lucca Digital Photo Fest 2008.

Lucca Digital Photo Fest 2008 (15th November – 8th December) is an international event dedicated to photography, which every year photographers, critics and photo editors take part to.

The real star of this edition is Alex Webb, one of the most famous photographers of the international background, who will receive the Lucca Digital Photo Award ’08 and who will hold several meetings during the event.

Lucca doesn’t stop to wonder, and also this year will offer you a season rich of entertainment and fun!

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