Month: November 2008

With Florence Noël it’s a Magic Christmas in Florence!

Do you feel like a traditional Christmas?

The lovely letters to ask your presents, the sled dragged by reindeers, the colored house of Santa Claus and many, many delicious sweets, candies and cakes…Well, then you feel like a Florence Noël !!

“Florence Noel” is an exhibition market organized every year by Stazione Leopolda to put the Christmas of our dreams up. From 29th November to 8th December in fact, the Stazione fills with lights, colours and fragrances typical of Christmas time.

Every year, several exhibitors take part to this great exhibition, and in a magical atmosphere, they

“Tuscany Feast” 2008

On Sunday 30th November, the whole Tuscany celebrates the anniversary of death penalty’s abolition.

“Tuscany Feast” is a typical and usual appointment which joins the participation of all citizens and the Region of Tuscany institutions.

The origins of this feast date back to a legislative bill, to be more precise, the Penal Reform promulgated on 30th November 1786 by Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine. With this reform, Tuscany put an end to the capital punishment, and marked an important moment of civility which would have changed its history forever.

Tuscany in fact, thanks to Leopoldina Reform, was the first sovereign state to

Turin Triennial comes back on its 2nd Edition


The city of Turin represents the capital of the contemporary artistic and architectural avant-garde, and it has always cooperated with the greatest cultural organizations to promote the launch of many young artists.

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T Torino Triennale gets under way on its 2nd edition just from these premises. The Triennial was born from the cooperation with Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea and with the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.

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The Triennial, which will stay open to the public until 1st February 2009, wants to give as much space as possible to contemporary young artists, who come from every corner of the world and who dedicate their artistic genius to

‘Festa della Madonna della Salute’ in Venice

Every year on 21st November, Venice, the city of art and culture, rich of traditions and folkloristic events, celebrates the “Festa della Madonna della Salute”.

The event is celebrated with joy by all the city’s inhabitants, who every year are grateful to Madonna della Salute for having stopped that awful plague which in 1630 struck the entire Venice.

In that year in fact, when everything seemed to be lost because of the dramatic disease-spreading, the Venetians decided to build a church to dedicate to Madonna, to ask her to intercede so that stopped the epidemic. It really seems that Venetians were pleased, therefore from then on, every year the whole city gives thanks for the received grace, and

‘Magritte e la Natura’ on Exhibition in Milan


After Neoimpressionism, Milan goes on with its great artistic season and dedicates an extraordinary exhibition to Renè Magritte, entitled “Magritte e la Natura” (“Magritte and the Nature”).

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The exhibition, which will start next 21st November in Milan, shows as protagonist one of the most eclectic personages in the panorama of last century’s art. One hundred artworks on view, among collages and paintings, which retrace the artistic itinerary of Magritte from the first futurist paintings to 50s’ advertising campaigns.

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The whole exposition revolves just around one theme: the nature. The continuous presence of nature in the painter’s artworks, its importance, and the peculiar way to develop this theme. Magritte shows his surrealist fingerprint by using nature as a fragment of reality to reach a surreal world.

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Managed by Michel Draguet, the exhibition underlines