Life in a Documentary: Festival dei Popoli in Florence

The Festival dei popoli, Festival Internazionale del Film Documentario (“International Festival of Documentary Film”) is on the calendar of the city of Florence from 14th to 21st November.

The Festival dei popoli, which this year celebrates its 49th birthday, enjoys a huge prestige all over the world and it’s considered one of the most important events dedicated to the documentary production.

This festival edition is entitled “L’eredità di Nanook” (“Nanook’s Heritage”), a homage to the noted film “Nanook” by Flaherty, which was the first one to be called “documentary” by Grierson.

The Festival dei popoli represents a real platform where the sector’s experts can meet each other and where young film makers and aspirant documentary film makers can get to know each other and take part to activities aimed at training such as courses, workshops, meetings and seminars.

Since the first edition in 1959, the Festival dei popoli has always gathered the most world-famous film makers of this sector and the most important representatives of social studies, who meet each other at the festival to discuss and talk about the changes our society continuously undergoes and which were perfectly detected and expressed by documentary films on show at the festival.

The festival flicks through the history of society through retrospectives of documentary films which went down in history, but most of all it looks at the future, by renovating every year, because reality changes as well as the ways to describe it.

The Festival dei Popoli is waiting for you from 14th to 21st November in Florence.

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